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Hello frnds, can anyone help me out of this!
"I am facing a problem with my system. Whenever I turn on my system,
the win 7 welcome screen appears and then the background of the set
theme appears(like perfectly blue, red, green, black etc.) but the entire set
of icons along with taskbar and start button does not appear(i.e win
explorer does not start automatically) but the os has been booted
into. I have to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and type in 'explorer' in the new
task box to make
everything normal but after restarting the problem reoccurs. My system
was perfectly fine earlier."

I have discovered a virus in the windows directory of C drive. I
delete it through my anti-virus but it reappears on restarting. I
think that virus called"regsv.exe" is responsible for the problem as 2
instances of it is clearly shown running in the task manager. Registry
editing and MSconfig do not run(they flash only for a sec and
sometimes show an error) when the 2 processes continue to run but when
I kill the 2 instances , they begin to work.

Also, after reading some articles on the web, I tried to navigate to
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT/Current Version/ .
here I changed the value of shell which was " explorer.exe regsv.exe"
! to only explorer.exe, but after that shell option is missing from
the registry, I used a thing called "UnHookExecOpen.inf" to restore
the registry but to no avail. Please help me to permanently get rid of
the virus and to get my nice old registry entry back


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^which Antivirus you are using?

update & do a full system scan the worm/virus will be removed & after that u can do system file check to restore registry & system files back.


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disable system restore (and delete old system restore files), hibernation and then scan with MBAM and avast/avira.


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@ OP - use a bootable Av rescue disc - the most recent one either from AVg or Avira - this should fix it.
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