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How To: Create a self updating banner

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Create and customize an animated banner that cycles through your feed's five most recent items. It's an easy way to promote your content anywhere you can place a snippet of HTML. Most of you know what a banner is and where it is used, for those who are still not aware banner is an image that you most often keep in your signature purposefully to get more visitors (at least I do it)

To create a self updating banner which updates as soon as you update your website/blog follow the step below-

  • Now on right side just fill in asked details and you will get a new self updating banner, here is how I filled it

  • In clickthrough URL enter your Feed URL
  • Rest select as per you want.
  • Once you are done you will get something like this

  • Now click on ACTIVATE, once you click on Activate the feed banner is saved and you will get a screen like below

Here you can choose whatever option you like or you can just choose Give me code option to get the HTML code of the banner which you can use in Forums etc.

This is how my banner looks like

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