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Wanted - Web Designer


Dear all,

There is a requirement of Web Designer (company/freelance/anyone) to design a website.. Major use of the website will be a BLOG. Main page redirecting to blog would be fine.

Few of the requirements are below:

Will it be possible to use hosting of blogger.com (its from Google & hardly has any downtime) & have URL like below example. If we take hosting from some site & host blogs like word press then there is one more headache of securing the site from getting hacked. (Have seen lots of word press blogs hacked)

Original URL Given by Post - http://xyz.blogspot.com/2010/06/save-to-gmail-account.html
URL I need is - http://mysite.com/2010/06/save-to-gmail-account.html

Whole Idea is to use hosting of blogspot but have own site URL. Can you as a Web Designer do that ?

Register a domain with best deal & for long term (Hide registration details) -
Suggest domain names..
Design/Provide new GOOD blog template (Not using default blogger template)
Future support & improvement. (If possible provide new template & features in future).
Integrate Ad sense & Have knowledge of SEO
Preference will be given to someone who has good knowledge on securing the site. (Not much required if hosted on blogspot)

Most works above sounds non high tech, but don't have much of time to do. Share URL of sites which you developed.

PM me your offers of money charged, work you can do from above requirement, your contact details & location.

Its been long time I am member of this forum so I would like to give opportunity to my forum friends first, if not will post to sites like DP/other freelancing site.


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Not a web designer here, but here's what I'll suggest:

Get a domain name and dedicated web host. Then set up Wordpress in your webspace. There are a lot of free and good Wordpress themes available which can be modified easily. Wordpress' own SEO is very good imho. However, you can still use a free SEO plugin if you feel like. Security is more down to having correct attributes to your PHP scripts.

tbh, tweaking around Wordpress is easy. You can do it yourself too. You just need some basic knowledge about HTML/CSS, Javascript and PHP.

Also afaik, Blogspot is like a blog service. You can't 'modify' and 'tweak' it as the way you are planning to. You'll have to use a dedicated host and Wordpress.


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well I have suggested 3ix.org so many times here...please do not get me wrong by thinking I work for them or something like that. but they are really cheap with plans starting $1/mo. You will have full control through cPanel (a software which gives you file/database access apart from ability to create email accounts, sub-domains etc.)

what ico said is absolutely correct. For blogging purpose Wordpress is perfect, that too on your own hosting space. I have used Joomla thoroughly and tried my hands on Drupal too, but nothing beats Wordpress.

But if you want to implement your original idea, I will suggest name.com which is the original domain name provider. You can set URL redirection easily on name.com

Do not hesitate to ask away questions, if you have any.



Is there any good domain registrar which provides good deal to book the domain for long term (5 yrs), Coupons welcome too :)
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godaddy has lots of coupon codes and other offers. they are also very reliable. i have 9 domain names registered with them. but, if you need to hide the registration details, godaddy charges seperately for it.


Whats extra hiding charge by them ? Is there any other registrar which provides both are good cheap price ?


Can anyone give good deals/coupons for domain name registration for .com domain for 3-5 years ?
Please share good word press template site (free/paid)..


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I used google and godadady and register 2 domains respectively.. never cared about hiding the registration details though..

Also both these domains are hosted on dreamhost for 2 years unlimited bandwidth for 46$ and one domain name free.


Thanks bro.

Did u use any coupon for dreamhost ? can you give me link of plan for 2 years unlimited bandwidth for 46$ ?
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