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How to diwnload video from net

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Now a days every sites showing video in site using adobe flash player. for "you tube video" lot of options r there to download, but in any other sites how to download. i tried using http://keepvid.com or VideoDownloader, but it wont work. these site ask to enter video URL, but using that url it says not a valid url.
any software(freeware)
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use internet download manager + firefox. there's a feature in IDM called site grabber. it's awesome, grabs every audio-video file present on the page.

and try this greasemonkey script, YousableTubeFix. it totally takes youtube-ing at a different level!


keepvid is working for me :)
once i faced problem - but i changed the youtube video url from xxxxx.co.in to xxxxx.com and it worked
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