Best phone to buy / wait for in the next 6 months: GS3 / Optimus G / HTC?


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I am looking to replace my ageing BB 8520 with a superphone.. I am not in a hurry, since my BB has atleast 6 months of service left in it.. the phones that I am tracking currently are GS3, LG Optimus G and rumors of upcoming phones with quad-core kraits..

Some factors that I am considering:
1. Qualcomm has released the quad-core krait, which is already way better that Exynos 4core on all benchmarks - LG Optimus G is already doing better than GS3 on most benchmarks..
2. More devices using this SOC should be out in the market in the next 6 months - there is already LG Optimus G - but the roadmap for other device launches is not clear
3. I am not keen on LG due to service and resale value later
4. Samsung was already rumored to release the SG4 (Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S IV to ship in March 2013), but of course the company refuted these rumors (they would not jeopardize SG3 sales now, would they :))

My question to the Gurus: is picking up the GS3 right now better, or should I wait for HTC/Samsung/Others to release better offerings? - is anybody aware of any upcoming annoucements?


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wait for next Android update and the Nexus mobile (Nexus II maybe). Optimus G won't be launched here and even if it does, will have a pricetag of 40-42k. And you don't need quad core Krait. Dual core krait is sufficient.


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Yes, I think it's better to wait till MWC. The market is messy and confusing now. But no, buying a GSIII now is not worth it.
What I am interested to see atm is, an Intel powered Quad Core device.


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dont buy sgs3 if you can wait !
If you are looking for raw android power :
Then wait for any of snapdragon s4 pro powered devices (like the korean optimus g) but those will be priced really high if they ever make it to indian market mind you even dual core kraits aren't available here ! Dual core kraits match and even outperform the likes of quad core tegra 3 and exynos in some benchmarks so naturally quad core kraits will blow em all away while being increasingly power efficient because of 28nm architecture !
If you looking for innovation :
Wait for lumia 920 : OIS/puremotion hd+/new synaptics touch tech + more than decent specs snapdragon s4 @ 1.5 ghz thoug wp8 is yet to prove its might !
If you are looking for mere money spending/show off , wait for :
Iphone 5


I think the only phone worth buying this year would be the Iphone 5 as it even matches/exceeds performance of S4 Pro Quad chipset. So do take a look at the Iphone 5.

I'm quite frankly very surprised that Apple worked so hard on making the Iphone 5 a performance monster as usually they are not the ones who care about benchmark performance and having the most powerful device in the market. :)

I take back everything that I wrote against the Iphone 5 earlier about it being a disappointment. IMO it's the phone of the year 2012 hands down.

P.S. I'm sure you can tell from my Avatar that I'm not an Apple fanboy, in fact I do not/will not buy any Apple product ever in my life. I hate apple, but gotta give credit where it's due.
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There will be phone coming every then and now, technology changes day by day.
So its better you buy something now if you need it, and if you want something better later then sell and get something new.


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Thanks everyone for some great suggestions! I have decided to wait at least till December before making a buy decision. The phones that I am tracking are (in order of preference):
1. Google Nexus(es?) - There are already some promising rumors (Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, Sony Xperia Nexus and LG Optimus Nexus coming to DoCoMo this fall?)
2. HTC One XXL (Rumor: HTC One XXL to be like One XL, but with quad-core Krait - news)

Dream come true would be a Nov/Dec announcement of the next Nexus with Key Lime Pie :)

The iphone 5 is great, but I am averse to apple.. I would prefer the flexibility of an android anyday.


I think google shouldnt bring out Key Lime pie so soon. Jelly bean is still on just Galaxy Nexus among the released phones. Nexus (es) would be a good option. They should be spanning most of the popular chipsets out there. TI OMAP's in Galaxy, Qualcomm S3 in Xperia and S4 pro in Optimus. And they will probably release with the latest Jelly Bean version, and not a major update. This will make the running code available for most of the manufacturer to just pick them up, screw them with their custom UI and post them as updates to existing devices. This way the adoption of Jelly Bean would really be quick. As far as i remember, JB would be the last updated compatible with low end hardware. The next version would mandate high end hardware in all market segments, and the world is not ready for that yet.
Disclaimer: All this is just my assumption and no where related to facts :p.

Phones to look out for me : Quad cores with atleast 2 A15 cores :p
Possibly Galaxy S IV with Mali 6xx graphics :p
Truely speaking i dont feel the need for any more power than i have right now. current apps and games in Android do no demand so much now. The need of the hour is updated stable ROMs for all devices, more fluid UI, more optimized power management (possible better batteries), and definitely the cure for Android fragmentation/security problems.


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Even i feel google should forget about android 5.0 AKA lime pie still june or end of 2013.Let them give time for jelly bean to stablize and grow and be the base for all droid cells.They have already rushed A lot with jelly beans with a small time gap between ICS AND JB


^^ Damn right. Though, i also feel that google should help these manufacturers a bit with the adoption process. They have made it a mandate for them to update now, but, with soo late updates, its not really helping out. Having multiple Nexus devices on the more popular chipsets would help the cause a lot.


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Google released sources, the chip manufacturers released all related codecs and drivers. now if manufacturers can't deliver the update what can Google do about it? Well, Google did announce that from next Nexus schedule they'll release the source early to the chip and device manufacturers but that won't solve the problem in a big way. Really surprising that 14-15yr old kids at XDA are compiling JB roms from CM10 sources for mobiles that are not supported by cyanogenmod team or even the chip manufacturers.


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Google should work on releasing more Flagships.I.e Tie up with 2-3 companies and realease phones say one nexus in the 8k-18k range, one in 18k-30k range and the above 30k,.Everyone already like's nexus.So we can assure that all these cells will be smooth and well have pure android and the latest updates for at least 2-3 years.Google should come out with something in Specs and price as shocking as nexus 7.A 4" verison of it in terms of cellphone, woudn't it be cheaper? All they need is to add a sd slot and sim slot? or would that increase the price to 300$+ ?

^^ Damn right. Though, i also feel that google should help these manufacturers a bit with the adoption process. They have made it a mandate for them to update now, but, with soo late updates, its not really helping out. Having multiple Nexus devices on the more popular chipsets would help the cause a lot.

Exactly,but downside all other companies will face loss
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