1. G

    uneven backlighting on redmi 2

    Dear members, I'm troubled with redmi 2. I bought the first unit from flipkart and the lower left side had less brightness. They replaced the unit and now not that significant but the lower side of screen has less brightness than the rest of the screen. Could anyone tell me or show images it's...
  2. I

    Power Strip/Extension Board

    Hello everyone. :wave: I am looking to purchase a power strip/extension board; without spike/surge protection functionality, manufactured by a reliable brand and offering a decent warranty; preferably of one year, and sporting four to six universal sockets with individual switches, similar to...
  3. U

    [Complaint] Corsair Power supply unit line up are just Disgusting.

    I didn’t expect this from Corsair, I’m very much Dissatisfied with their CX Series power supply, The CX series is just a ****. Back in 2012, every reviewer, magazine and website raved about the quality of their power supply units. But i think their time in the 'power supply' spotlight has come...
  4. E

    Cordless Phone Suggestion

    I have one landline connection. I want to add a cordless phone in my house, in such a way - that, if I receive call on either corded or cordless, I should be able to transfer it among each other. (Being able to conference would be great but not important) - that either can be used to...
  5. I

    Help - Alternative to Desktop Unit

    Hello Friends, I have seen in BSNL offices and in some Banks, a small unit in place of our normal Desktop CPU Unit, which is connected to peripherals like Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. They were using it just like an independent computer and this unit was obviously connected over LAN. The...
  6. rockfella

    Edifier DA 5000 Pro Wooden 5.1 PC Speakers.

    Hi all, Selling my 2 months old this: 5.1 Multimedia Home Theater Speaker - DA5000 Pro | Edifier I am not able to use them fully as they are too powerful/overkill for my main room :oops: Have to buy headphones :| Original packing/box everything is with me. Local buyers...
  7. R

    Immediate help on buying lenovo Z480

    Hey there friends, came across lenovo Z480 14" Ideapad.Its the last unit availaible on windows7 at a local shop and hence an offer price of 38000Rs. check the specs below. *gadgetaz.com/Laptop/Lenovo_IdeaPad_Z480--5091 Is this model outdated ? My needs are heavy gaming (...
  8. C

    [Query] APC Replacement

    Hello, my APC Back-UPS RS 1100 was having fan noise issue. Every 50 minutes-1 hour the fan would run at full speed for 15 minutes flat and then stop. This used to happen every 1 hour. It didn't matter if PC was on or off, temperature was below 25 degrees or above 40 degrees or whether the UPS...
  9. mandarpalshikar

    [Praise] APC Warranty Service

    I have a APC Back-UPS RS 1500 purchased around 8 months back. Suddenly it started giving "Replace Battery" indeicator, so I called APC helpline on Saturday morning. They suggested to reset the unit which I did but still same problem was coming. The call center executive registered my case and...
  10. S

    HP Scanner G4010 glass broken - Help Pls Urgent

    Hi Friends, The glass of Hp G4010 scanner has broken (cracked) by mistake on one side towards bottom. As a result all the pages scanned have broken lines on them. I spoke to HP warranty India and since it’s out of warranty; they do not support it. Outside warranty they don’t sell...
  11. D

    Amplifier required

    Hi guys, I have a 5.1 speaker system from AKAI. It consists 5 speakers of 8 ohm impedance & a woofer of 6 ohm impedance. It doesn't have controller unit. I want to buy a amplifier for this. SO that please give the specification of required amplifier.
  12. O

    [For Sale] Dell UltraSharp U2410

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Dell UltraSharp Expected Price: Rs 16,000/-(Fixed) Time of Purchase: 18th Dec 2009 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 18th Dec 2012 Reason for Sale: Switching from 24inch to 27inch...
  13. arpanmukherjee1

    NUnit Testing -- What, Why and When

    I have read tons of articles about Unit testing, its advantages and how to proceed Also why and how TDD and BDD is used in conclusion it all feels like reading another chapter in the book with no significance. are there any examples i can follow or code to expose the true potential of...
  14. D

    Please suggest a UPS

    please suggest a UPS for the following configuration as the one I own now was bought way back in 2004(Numeric 600VA) is struggling to provide 1~2minute of backup time. i5 2500k Asrock Z77Ext4 HD7850 gfx card WD640GB+500GB DVD burner 4 x 120MM case fans 24" DELL LCD Netgear DGN1000 wifi...
  15. balakrish

    Urgent! Ants in the System unit!

    Hi friends! In my System Unit, There is full of ants. I don't know how to solve this problem. Everyday i have to open my System Unit and ONLY can see the ants and what they're doing. I'm really worried, because my whole system is becoming the home of ants. My keyboard also...
  16. d3p

    [Praise] Logitech Service - Neoteric Informatics

    Well, my Logitech G27 brake pedals went kaput on last week & i have submitted the item for RMA to Neoteric Informatics Pvt. Ltd @ Wilson Garden, Bangalore. Address of Neoteric : Wilson Garden, Bangalore No.8/3 (251), Ground Floor & 1ST Floor, Above Nilgiris, 11th Main Road,13th Cross...
  17. asingh

    CM ELITE 100 with Intel D425KT - A Basic 24 x 7 DL RIG

    Coolermaster ELITE 100 with Intel D425KT - A Basic 24 x 7 DL RIG With India getting better and dedicated broadband connectivity we see the advent and culture of continuous downloads from the Internet. Many users wish to have low powered systems which can be literally on 24 x 7 'on'...
  18. Vyom

    Power tariff revised in Delhi, hike by upto 22%. CM justifies this increase.

    There's a reason to be worry for all power downloaders out here! 22 per Cent Hike in Electricity Tariff :( :( :( :( :( :(
  19. buddyram

    Cool Catch!

    Toddler survives after getting stuck in between AC Unit & Building Wall! Cool catch Link
  20. G

    If You Had Your Own Computer Troubleshooting Centre

    Hello everyone! I am starting a new computer service center, and im looking for active ideas to make my pc repair unit more customer friendly as well as to provide high tech support..and of course..increase the rep and net profit of my pc repair unit. If you had your own computer service...
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