[Complaint] Corsair Power supply unit line up are just Disgusting.

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I didn’t expect this from Corsair, I’m very much Dissatisfied with their CX Series power supply, The CX series is just a ****.
Back in 2012, every reviewer, magazine and website raved about the quality of their power supply units. But i think their time in the 'power supply' spotlight has come to an end.

Let me tell you my story, In 2012 I built a PC using a Corsair CX 500, the unit died within a year, I have send it 6 time for RMA within this 2 years. Last time the Unit died within 5 days, I ask them to exchange the CX 500 with a other series, i will pay the remaining amount, but they said NO. You people are just Disgusting. Even worse is the fact that my friend is a special electrician and he had a look at the unit and said the power ratings were nowhere near that of what Corsair specified. The whole total wattage didn’t even come close to 430W. I know Corsair made great cases as well as stable Ram, But their VS and CX series of power supply are dung. I’m just regretting why I buy this cheap product. So, Please Friends Don’t go for Corsair CX and VS power supply unit, at this same budget you can buy a good, lasting Power supply like Seasonic etc. Seasonic power supply is better than Corsair. Today I’m nostalgia, tomorrow you will be.


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I own Corsair CX [strike]430v[/strike] 430v2. Which was the most recommended PSU in recent history. I see the point of your rage to be a mere coincidence. OR that there is some fault with the electricity. Do you use UPS?

Pardon me, but you RMA'ed 6 times in 2 yrs! So Corsair replaced the PSU's every quarter for 2 yrs! That seems to be a praise for their customer service. :p
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^^correction,it is CX v2 not CX which was the most recommended psu here & on many other forums/sites.i think @op is talking about original CX series which was indeed bad compared to later v2 versions of same models.now-a-days though it seems even v2 models quality have gone down.
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