1. elafanto

    App made for FUN

    I am sharing few apps I found great for fun making, You can also share if you found any... 1. To change the thumbnail of image on whatsapp. * 2. Dekha Bhai App meme Generator...
  2. anirbandd

    IDM/Script for dl'ing images from image hosting sites

    Hi all, i need to download some pictures from image hosting sites. i know about IDM site grabber. the problem is that the image is embedded in a second page, from the thumbnail page. how do i configure IDM to download the pics, all at once?? or maybe a script?? i tried configuring the...
  3. M

    Thumbnail pictures not showing while browsing internet

    I am unable to see thumbnail pictures especially on forums and get this image: However when I refresh most of the time it becomes ok, sometimes not. I cleared cache,history etc and enabled all options in multimedia in advanced internet options. But it is still the same and small snaps...
  4. TSPatange_1309

    Change Thumbnail size with Quality

    If any of you out there like to use the thumbnail view, especially for browsing through photos and images, it can become a bit of a drain on your system. It is possible to lower the thumbnail size and quality by editing the following registry keys. :-?:-? Open the registry and navigate to...
  5. D

    .flac thumbnail image in windows 7

    i have recently started listening to .flac files but unlike .mp3 files, if i add an album art to the .flac file, it is not displayed in windows explorer when viewed in thumbnail (large icons in windows 7) view. is there any codec pack or third party software that will enable me to view the album...
  6. S

    chrome tabs gone missed

    i can't find the tabs used as thumbnail in google chrome... when i click the new tab ...only a blank screen appears whithout any tabs in thumbnail....please help.. and i'm also new to forum ,,so tips are welcome..
  7. patkim

    Youtube - Thumbnail not seen

    Off lately I notice that when I go to Youtube, I no longer see the thumbnail of the video clips. I only see blank rectangle with duration of clip written at one corner. Is this how it is or some settings messed up at my end??
  8. KRISHI101

    Folder View Setting - Thumbnail view remains unchanged

    Hi everybody,,, I have problem related to Folder View Setting..... My 'Desktop' Folders and ' My Document ' folders are Always open as a thumbnail view ..... Its annoying..... First Let me tell you All... --->> Some week ago i was not able to see hidden folders...and folder options for Hidden...
  9. x3060

    Album art for music?

    i want a player that's capable of producing album art for my music collection , i recently downloaded one from a site ......123(u know).com, and it produces a thumbnail album art in place of default mp3 thumbnail that windows give (in my case foobar gives)...anyone knows about a player thats...
  10. M

    How to view thumbnail of video files?

    Windows XP explorer shows thumbnail of a few video file formats only lile .avi, .wmv etc. but it cannot show the thumbnail of .vob(DVD Files) .dat(VCD Files) .mov and other formats. Is there any way to view the thubnail of video files not supprted by XP in windows explorer itself?
  11. din

    Taking revenge - On the Mumbai meet guys !!

    Some geeks and fun loving members of ThinkDigit forum decide to meet up in Mumbai. And you can't attend it (place is far away). How do you feel ? Really jelous of them right ? So how to take a revenge on them ? The best thing will be pouring HOT coffee on all of them :D Seems you didn't get...
  12. din

    To Err is Computer. To Reboot ? We do not know !! Check this photo

    Was at the Railway station today and saw a nice big (LCD?) screen which is supposed to give information on trains etc. But saw this instead ! Was there for about 45 mins but this didn't change !! Click on the thumbnail below to see it enlarged. Click here if you can't see the thumbnail...
  13. din

    Happy news - I am blessed with a baby boy.

    Happy news from my side. I am blessed with a baby boy. Expected date was July 5, yes, he came almost one month early, lol, impatient ! Just like his Dad it seems !! Doc said we need to give extra care to him at least for a month. Lil tense over that ! Other than that all ok. Both mom...
  14. din

    I need barley biscuits

    ______________________________________________ Update - 13th July 2008 Got new packet of Barley biscuits, so here it is, I mean photos :D Anyone really want to taste it, PM your postal address and I will courier it to you. Please click on the thumbnails for enlarged view...
  15. din

    Is this a problem with Max Demon's ISP or mine ? Or its Yahoo ?

    No, this is not photoshop. May be something to do with Max Demon's ISP or mine ? While I was working, I saw the notification window of yahoo messenger going higher and higher ! It was like he logging in and out lot of times within a second. Or something to do with yahoo ? Please click...
  16. din

    Picture of the day lol

    Click the thumbnail below to see the image. Please do not think I am against any OS. I found it very funny and thats the reason I posted it :D Got it in email.
  17. H

    Linux Wars (pic: for tux users only)!!

    Let's laugh at each other shall we! :D :D :D (sorry posting a thumbnail would have spoiled the fun)
  18. Gigacore

    Rate the car above yours

    Hi guys.. couldnt think of anything.. so created this thread.. Post the Car Pic and mention the name. But please post the images only as a thumbnail. =========== Honda Civic
  19. V

    Change the size of the Thumbnail Picture

    Tutorial No. = 5 There is a way easy way of changing the size of the Thumbnail that are displayed on Windows XP. Just follow the given below trick. Change the size of the Thumbnail Picture:- 1. Click on START 2. Click on Run 3. Type regedit and press enter 4. Navigate the following key:-...
  20. iMav

    Give Away of the Day Thread

    Giveaway of the Day - Extreme Thumbnail Generator Active Giveaway time left: 13 hours 2 minutes Extreme Thumbnail Generator is a powerful, yet easy to use software for creating online photo albums. It will let you make beautiful picture gallery with just a few mouse clicks! Even if you know...
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