How Web based application are tested ????? Its urgent

Discussion in 'QnA (read only)' started by vikasg03, Mar 17, 2006.

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  1. vikasg03

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    Oct 8, 2005
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    Hi all Members of this group,

    I urgently need the answers of theses questions :

    1. How Web based application r tested, i.e what r things we test in web
    based application in manual testing or automated testing?

    2. How bug reporting is performed in Manual testing

    3. How Compatibility Testing of any application is performed and what is
    the meaning of Compatibility Testing ?

    4. How Installation Testing is performed & what is the meaning of this

    Pls reply ASAP, as it is urgent. It will be very thankful of u all guys.
    Pls help me out in this
  2. JGuru

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    Dec 25, 2005
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    Space-time continuum
    1)Testing Web-based apps

    First have the web applications hosted on ur pc, that
    is localhost. Do all the testing now, like login, updating
    the database, retrieving the data from database etc.,

    If all this localhost testing goes well , you can upload
    ur app to a real website

    2) Testing things from a real Website after upload

    Here some problems can creep in. Like for eg.,
    how many users can be connected to the database
    simultaneously, what is the response time of the
    server, whether the application can handle , for eg.,
    200 users concurrently, etc.,

    And these tests should be carried out by you in
    the real world, to find out any bugs in the application

    3) Compatibility Testing

    For eg., some applications won't work well with
    certain browsers, Some work well only in IE 6.0,
    If the user is using Mozilla Firefox, U can redirect
    him to custom page, that works well with Firefox
    browser. And likewise for all the other browsers.

    And u must test the application with all popular
    browsers available like IE, FireFox, Opera etc.,

    If U find that your server can handle 90 concurrent
    users well without any problems, but can't handle
    more than that.Then u need to upgrade your Server.

    For eg.,

    2.4 GHZ CPU (dual processor), 80GB HD, 2 GB RAM, etc.,

    Or consider clustering the computers together
    like Google does.

    Goodluck guys
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