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Hello everyone ! My name is Amey. I am currently pursuing engg in comp branch. I am currently having campus interviews going on. But the companies and jobs offerings are not of my liking. What i want to do is beta testing of games ! So can any one give information about this ?? Any company or what qualities i need to have for it. Also i can tell u tht i am a hardcore gamer. Also i am technicaly very sound. So please any one highlight me on this topic. Reply ASAP.

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Not sure about testing alone, but there are ample opportunities in mobile gaming development/testing. indiagames, mobile2win etc. are just a few.


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Have you heard about the company called RelQ? They are mainly into game testing. EDS bought RelQ and HP bought EDS recently :p


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and in case u want to try game testing first u can try doing it for game mods.i think u can find several games for beta testing on moddb
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