1. D

    Vibration almost dead after phone fall

    My Galaxy s4 survived a fall while on bike. It is working flawlessly except the vibration has gone down. I tested with app, the motor is working but not like before.
  2. O

    LeEco Le2 VR compatibility?

    Dear All, I am planning to buy the Le2. quick query- i understand it comes with gyroscope support. Has anybody tested the VR handling of the mobile? I have the ANTVR headset, can i use it with the Le2? please confirm. Thanks.
  3. aal-ok

    How do I fix Router wi-fi problem?

    I recently changed my SSID and password due to fear of hacking, now I can connect to internet using Ethernet, but wi-fi is not working properly, it disconnects after every hour or so and i can reconnect only after switching it off for an hour(maybe, i haven’t tested it’s time duration.) i made...
  4. Gollum

    VU 32K160 Rev D Review 32" LED TV

    This is a Cheap and low cost LED TV by VU, otherwise known as HiSense Display 1360x768 @60Hz 16mil color TN panel? 6ms - good viewing angles Speakers a Dual 6w with good enough Sound for a TV HDMI x2 (Supports PCM 2 Ch audio Only) HDMI 1.3 DVD Component Y, Pb (Cb), Pr (Cr) x1 Composite x1 RF...
  5. P

    sandisk ultra vs hp x705w 32gb pendrive

    Hello guys i need a 32gb pen drive that must be usb 3.0 compatible. Here are my two choices:- HP x705w 32 GB Flash Drive - HP : Flipkart.com Amazon.in: Buy SanDisk Ultra 32GB USB Pen Drive Online at Low Prices in India | SanDisk Reviews & Ratings And my requirements are :- 1>Should...
  6. GhorMaanas

    CCFLs and mini baybus for PC

    listed for sale are: - two white cold cathode light tubes, unused. have 3 pairs of them, out of which 1 pair i have tested. all 3 were bought together - 300/- each; not willing to ship them, due to inherent risk involved in transporting these tubes. - one pair of red cold cathode bubble...
  7. R

    Problem With JVC RX700

    Hello Friends ... From last few days facing problem with my JVC RX700 headphone. The problem is , Right side not working as sound is coming but the bass is low compared to the Left side . I tested then on my pc with the Asus Xonar STX sound card also tested them on my Lumia 520 and LG Optimus...
  8. SaiyanGoku

    Bitdefender TS giveaway.

    Go to Bitdefender Total Security 2014 free 6 months I haven't tested it yet.
  9. mandarpalshikar

    Maximus V Formula not starting up

    Hi Guys, I started my PC after around 2 months and my mobo is refusing to post. When I press Start button on mobo the CPU and PSU fans spin up, do some revs and stop. Mobo lights continue to be switched on. I have disconnected all the components from the mobo and have got it outside of the...
  10. TechnoHolic

    Resume Youtube Videos

    Vodafone behaving like a cheater, I can download youtube videos using IDM but with no resume support. Actually it's happening with all streaming media sites with Vodafone 2G Connection. (I've tested with Reliance, Everything is OK) Can anyone tell me any tricks,tweaks.?
  11. D

    anybody tested the sx160 is?? And related suggestion.

    Hi all, I have heard some good words about the canon SX130 and then SX150. Good stuff at around 8k. Recently the SX160 IS was launched and is available on ebay for around 11k. I had made up my mind because I wanted a camera with manual settings around 10k I just want to learn all the...
  12. criztle

    Robotic Cleaners

    Digit please do a test of all the robotic cleaner available in market in india in your 'tried and tested' section. we all will be grateful..
  13. Skud

    What is the Best Way to Apply Thermal Compound?

    Hardware Secrets have tested various methods of applying thermal paste on CPU and tested for their temps. In the end, they confirm what we probably know for quite some time - a small/tiny dot at the middle of the CPU is the most efficient way to get good thermals, no need to spread it all...
  14. ithehappy

    Post your Speedtest results

    Post your Speedtest results [ Beam users are not allowed :D ] I started with mine. :) Also mention the plan you are using and how much you are paying for it. I am using BSNL Home UL 750 Plus Tested Browser- Chrome 10.0.648.134
  15. J

    Video Quality Tested: GeForce Vs. Radeon In HQV 2.0

    Video Quality Tested: GeForce Vs. Radeon In HQV 2.0 : How Do We Scrutinize High-Definition Video Quality?
  16. S

    LAN port not working

    I am facing this problem for last couple of months. I am unable to use the LAN for the Internet or networking.When the power is supplied to the CPU and modem, the LED for LAN in the modem glows, but as the computer boots after 2-3 sec the LED diminishes and there will be no network connection...
  17. sxyadii

    Need suggestion for RAM !!!

    Hello frnds, I want to buy new Corsair TWIN2x4096-8500C5 4GBKit (1066MHz) Can this RAM will support my P35 chipset mobo ASUS P5K Premium?? and most important question can you tell me where I can find these rams in New Delhi??plz reply TWIN2X4096-8500C5 Speed Rating - PC2-8500...
  18. Anorion

    Preview August 2009

    Agust Feedback Feedback thread for the "Wikipedia – behind the pages" article. A close look at the Android OS and the Open Handset Alliance -- will it change the way we look at phones? Setting up and using eyeOS -- the cloud-based, free (AGPLv3) operating system. agent 001 busts some...

    utorrent problem

    Am using airtel 799 plan with 256kb speed and unlimited download .... i have been trying to foward a port for my utorrent but i can find any. the one that i was using that i had tested and was ok too is being shown as port not proper..... and i can find way to correct this problem. am using...
  20. thewisecrab

    Anybody tried Rockbox?

    I have an PMP (Philips GoGear) manufactured about a year ago (bought it just 3 month back though) I'm really keen to try Rockbox on it, since it completely overhauls and improves the firmware. However, I'm a bit skeptical, since I'm not good at this and Rockbox has not been tested on Philips...
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