1. RCuber


    Hi guys has any one used MONO? For those who dont know Mono is opensource .NET compiler. compilers are there for Linux, windows, solaris, OSX etc. Is there any one here who has developed a software using it and tested in other platforms?? If you have done it then please share the experiance...
  2. Quiz_Master


    There is a weierd problem whenever I try to open desitorrent this site open up. http://file---sharing.com/ There is no spyware in my pc and I tested desitorrent in 4 web browser but all give the same results.
  3. A

    Windows xp services that can be disabled

    Source: http://way2forum.netfreehost.com/viewtopic.php?t=292&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=&mforum=way2forum Hey Guyz,This Ebook will give u SatisFaction Guaranteed. Tried & Tested. Code...
  4. V

    Microsoft office 2003 Help !!!!! ( VISIO 2003 )

    I am doing some project work using the Microsoft office 2003 in my college. I basically use Visio 2003. I formatted my system last week. But when I try to install Visio from CD, it say that a file called 'D5614A01.CAB' is corrupt or missing. I opened it using winrar, extracted it , tested the...
  5. N

    Which is better OS? SuSE 9.1 or Fedora Core 3

    I am currently using SuSE 9.1 PRO. As the Digit DVD carries Fedora core this month. I am thinking of changing my OS to Fedora Core 3. I have not yet tested Fedora Core. Plz post ur comments here. :P
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