1. freshseasons

    Garage Sale ,Graphic cards ,TFT etc

    Hello guys, I will be shifting to a new place and need to dispose of few of the stuff.The stuff has been hand picked from my garage( literally)after being throughly tested and everything is in pristine working condition.I have more stuff and will keep adding them after being fully satisfied...
  2. Arun the Gr8

    Fusion-io's ioDrive tested: world's fastest storage confirmed

    See all those little Samsung squares? That's NAND flash memory, 80 gigabytes worth on Fusion-io's ioDrive. Tweaktown got an exclusive look at the PCIe storage card and came away mightily impressed by its "near nonexistent latency." It's faster than the best SATA II SSD or fastest 15,000RPM drive...
  3. N

    Best DTH Service

    Which of these would you buy if you are 'asantusht' with your cablewalla? TATA Sky: Works on older MPEG2 technology. But is tried & tested. Has a very good multiroom option. Dish TV: No Neo Cricket. So if u r a cricket fan, this choice automatically gets cancelled. BIG TV: User reviews...
  4. gauravsuneja

    hacintosh compatible pc for sale(HACINTOSH TESTED)

    The most compatible pc with core 2 duo 2.2ghz procci and 945 mobo with 2gb ram 40gb ata drive with dvd writer (cabinet only) monitor not included for sale for 15k. HACINTOSH TESTED .only hdd is 2year old rest all is new (in warranty) everything net sound graphics working perfectly
  5. G

    Audio problem..

    I've got a problem with headphones plugged into my laptop Inspiron 1520.I can hear sound only through the right speaker.There is NO PROBLEM with normal playback with laptop speakers.I've tested 2 or 3 headphones working perfectly in other systems on my laptop, all of them giving me the same...
  6. forever

    Transcend 2x1 GB DDR2 800Mhz RAM

    I purchased these 2 weeks back for from nehru place for Rs 1090 a piece. My board (p31) apparently has problems supporting memory in dual channel so im looking to go for a single 2 GB stick. I tested this with memtest86+ last night and both of them are in great working condition. Those...
  7. A

    Original XBOX 360 Games and Accessories for SALE!!

    I have the following games for sale... Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox - New and Sealed) - NTSC - RS. 800 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - NTSC (Tested and Works on PAL) - Rs 1100 Gears of War - NTSC J (Tested and Works on PAL) - Rs. 800 Crackdown - NTSC (Tested and Works on PAL) -...
  8. A


    I am working on an encryption which is directed encrypting ONLY text. My problem is how to test this encryption. i.e. How can i test, how difficult this encryption is? How an encryption is are tested, any procedure? anyone?
  9. dr_jimit

    Airtel set to start operations for 3G services, successfully tested .

    Bharti Airtel said that it has successfully tested 3G applications and is all set to start services as and when the spectrum was allocated. "We have tested 3G applications at three places - Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore - on a trial indoor spectrum given to us," Bharti Airtel president...
  10. nepcker

    Crash IE Just by visiting a website!

    http://www.crashie.com I have tested it, and it works!! :D
  11. quadroplex780

    Now we are talking-nVidia GT200,2560x1600 16.6K 3Dmark06

    The nVidia GT200 scores a stunning 16.6K in 3DMark06 at a stunning resolution of 2560x1600. The card is still in Alpha stage and has very little driver support. It was tested with two quad core Q6600s on a nVidia dual socket mobo. Source-Look Here
  12. ajaybc

    DirectX10 in Windows XP!!!!!

    If u dont believe me got to this site and see for urself. Dont blame me if this is fake because i havn't tested it myself because iam on vista:cool: http://www.technospot.net/blogs/download-directx-10-for-windows-xp-from-alky-project/
  13. yesh1683

    New NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS 512MB G92 Tested

    The title says it all:D:D http://www.tweaktown.com/articles/1234/1/page_1_introduction/index.html
  14. bonny72

    passion Dvd player with usb and DivX

    Dear users , last week i went bigbazar, i saw PASSION DVD PLAYER only Rs.1399. i tested it with USB pen drive and DVD with all format video. http://www.futurebazaar.com/b2c_futurebazaar/b2c/zmenuHandling.do?query_star=600108367&category=*&x =20&y=5&query=600108367*&min=0&max=0&min1=&max1=&r...
  15. techno_adi

    External HDD vs. HDD Casing

    Hi People, I need to buy HDD. What should I go for: an External HDD (Western Digital 400-500 GB) or an Internal HDD(Which Brand?) + External Casing(Brand? Price?) Which is the "Best Buy"? Any Performance differences / points that help me decide from either of them? Also finally any pointers...
  16. devil_me

    Water proof lcds tested with Fireman's Water Hose

    waterproof LCD HDTVs manufactured by aquivo company are tested using fireman's hose. http://livedeviant.com/consumer-electronics/aquivo-lcd-face-firemans-hose-2.html
  17. int86

    Pc restarts when power goes

    My freind has got a peculiar problem. Whenever power goes the PC restarts on UPS backup. What has been done.......... 1. Troubling Ups tested on another similar config--OK 2. Another SMPS tested on same troubling rig-----same problem So whats the problem. Battery bacup is...
  18. 24online

    How to Block Ads in DAP ?

    can anyone know how to block ads in dap (Download Accelerator Plus).. dont want to buy !!! i uses flashget and IDM, but dap is best, as i tested on my net. also if anybody have premium dap, pls. PM... :p
  19. ::vicky::

    Update On Cid49!!!!!

    guyz there is a happy news!!!!!!!! there is a software phone-xs that can flash cid49 files search for that in google yes!!!!!!!!!!!! now i feel the freedom but not tested this thing
  20. montsa007

    kero browser freeware

    surf internet on ur fone wid this free browser plz note that it aint tested so install on ur own risk but am sure its fully harmless
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