sandisk ultra vs hp x705w 32gb pendrive


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Hello guys i need a 32gb pen drive that must be usb 3.0 compatible.

Here are my two choices:-

HP x705w 32 GB Flash Drive - HP : Buy SanDisk Ultra 32GB USB Pen Drive Online at Low Prices in India | SanDisk Reviews & Ratings

And my requirements are :-
1>Should be fast on both usb 3.0 as well as usb 2.0
2>Should last long i.e build quality have to be sturdy
I know the flip mechanism of sandisk is prone to break but i can live with that and i also know that the hp bends sometime at the top because i am an existing user or hp x705w 16gb.

As i have told i already have the hp one thats why i am looking for one different and i found this sandisk the best as per the great reviews of this in

But when i tested the friend's sandisk ultra it showed some poor speed when connected to my macbook retina!!

My hp easily gets past 80-90 (read) and 40-50(read)!!

So anybody who have tested both could please put some light on my problem!!

Any other suggestions are welcomed :)
Thank you.


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How are these 2 compared to sandisk ultra fit usb 3.0?Is the ultra fit faster than these 2?
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