1. Mehul Chauhan

    Philips 49inch 49PUT7791 4k test

    I cannot find any native 4k video to test my tv, all i'm getting is to download from youtube which i get noise and pixelation. i need any links for 4k videos to test my tv.
  2. A

    Indian History Exam Test Papers

    Hi, I have looking for the latest Indian history exam test papers. A couple of hours' research helped me in reaching out to some useful forums such as Indian Study Hub, GK Series, India Bix and SSC Exam guide but I am looking for papers with greater number of MCQs. Your help in this regard...
  3. @

    Unstable/slow internet connection. Need help debugging

    I have BSNL 1081 Plan. It is 8MBPS upto 60GB and 512KBPS after that. I have this plan from past two months. First month was really awesome and in second month I started facing problems. Now it has become worse. Problems: - Unstable speed: Speed is never 8MBPS, always. Sometimes its 1-2MBPS...
  4. ranjitsd

    Quit bsnl movement

    I'm tired of bsnl and thier lies. They advertised about mininium 2mbps allover over india, they didn't mention 1gb only. Its time to quit bsnl and move on. Changing my internet connection within 2 weeks. Please post your new connection speed test and bsnl speed:-x:-x test. Lets teach BSNL a...
  5. A

    how to Test my PSU : Corsair CX430 V2 ?

    PSU : Corsair CX 430 V2 [July 2011] I want to test my PSU wheather its working on not. Actually its giving power to MOBO (since the Power LED is ON on MOBO) but doent puts ON the MOBO.. So I am not sure if its the MOBO or PSU at fault.. So wanted to check the PSU standalone.. I...
  6. justme101

    Dead power supply or mobo?

    Hi guys, I turned on my pc this morning and just a few seconds after start it just shut down itself. I can see that the motherboard light is on but it wont turn on. I unplugged everything and thought of doing the paper clip test. I don't exactly have a paper clip so i used a bent needle to do...
  7. RBX

    Final Telephonic Interview

    I applied at a company for a job with development profile (trainee). They had written quantitative aptitude/reasoning test, then technical test. Then I has technical interview with two guys, and later had a little chat with manager who told me about the work the company does, he also told me...
  8. L

    No chnage after upgrading RAM from 2GB to 4GB

    I have recently added extra 2GB ram to my old Desktop. i.e Ram-2GB DDR2 667 MHz MB-ASUS M2NPV-VM Processor-AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4000+ And did a memory's performance test with MaxxMEM² Benchmark. But there is no change as I can see from the results ,what could be the reason?And...
  9. 1

    No audio from laptop

    Hi all, My laptop has gone mute and does nt play any sounds. Youtube is crashing and WIndows media player says " ERROR" When i open the control panel to test audio it shows as " application is being used by other program" ? . Is this a driver issue or anything related to hardware. pls help...
  10. flyingcow

    Running GPU fans at 100% + Other questions

    NOTE: Before you judge- I am fully aware that a mainstream card such as this one should not be expected to be a good overclocker, nor should i expect a large performance increase from overclocking it, and i do not intendto do it for performance boosts, rather to get some experience with OC...
  11. D

    Need an iPhone

    Hi, I need a iPhone to test website for cross browser compatibility. The only requirement of mine is to test websites in Safari. I will not touch the mobile for any other purpose. I will buy an old model for sure. I'm thinking of iPhone 4S. I'm open to buying an no warranty/used/scratches...
  12. sumonpathak

    ADATA Premier Pro SP900 128GB Solid State Drive Review

    ADATA Premier Pro SP900 128GB Storage as a part of computer system has not changed much over the span of time after the invention of mechanical disks. Things really took a turn for good when the flash based SSD's became mainstream in the late 2000's.Although the price/GB was huge the speed was...
  13. S

    Something wrong with the motherboard or the CPU?

    My current config is as follows, CPU- FX-8350 MB- Asus M5A97 RAM- Ripjaws Gskill 1600mhz GPU- Zotac GTX 760 AMP PSU- Seasonic S12 II 620W Cabinet- NZXT Gamma While testing my CPU on stress test using Prime95 The stress test is getting aborted within 20 mins. I am uploading the the...
  14. D

    i7 4770K overclocking review and advise

    Hello, MY Rig is as follows i7 4770K Asrock Z87 Fatal1ty 4x4 Kingston HyperX Red Seasonic M12 750 Watt Corsair H100i PowerColor 7750 I was running everything at stock and I was checking my voltage via CPU-Z it showed Idle voltage at .800 volts and full load voltage ( 3.8 Ghz @...
  15. Ironman

    Internet download speed hits 1,83,501Mbps in test

    And I am still using BSNL 750 ULD 512 kbps :cry: Source:Internet download speed hits 1,83,501Mbps in test - The Times of India
  16. D

    Compatibilty of 1.65 Volt Ram on z87 board

    Hello, I just bought sticks of HyperX Ram. it says Frequency : Frequency 1333 MHz (Specified), 1600 MHz (Test) Power Specified Voltage 1.5 V Test Voltage 1.65 V What does this mean ? Is it safe to use it with a Z87 Asrock board and i7 4770K ? Should I run it at 1.5v or 1.65...
  17. S

    Need beta testing for my mobile game

    Need some beta testing for my upcoming work in progress mobile game.Please test it on mobile and not on desktop. Game need to be played on landscape mode so orient your mobile before starting your game. If you do test it please mention mobile you tested in, how well the game ran did it...
  18. S

    Any1 has iphone with IOS7

    Any1 has iphone with IO7 running on it. I needed to test my game in it.
  19. R

    number of wrong pattern matching attempt error in android 2.3

    When i start my phone,i am getting number of pattern matching attempts error in android 2.3.I am trying to perform factory reset at starup. I got the recovery menu at startup by pressing volume - button but i am not getting Factory reset option over there. TEST ITEM TEST ALL CLEAR...
  20. T

    Sachin Tendulkar to retire

    Really? This West Indies tour , people in the media are talking about Sachin retiring when he plays for his 200th Test match. Will this be THE END? :-(
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