Compatibilty of 1.65 Volt Ram on z87 board


Broken In

I just bought sticks of HyperX Ram.
it says Frequency : Frequency 1333 MHz (Specified), 1600 MHz (Test)
Specified Voltage 1.5 V
Test Voltage 1.65 V

What does this mean ?

Is it safe to use it with a Z87 Asrock board and i7 4770K ?
Should I run it at 1.5v or 1.65?
also what role will XMP play on this ram and my mobo...

confused and a bit worried.

What those details mean is that the default speed of the ram is 1333 MHz and default voltage is 1.5 V. Additionally, the ram is tested to be completely stable at 1600 MHz but at 1.6 V. With intel chippets, this information is automatically exchanged with the motherboard and the correct voltages are set. In case the ram does not support intel xmp and you want to run it at 1600 MHz, you'll have to manually set the voltage to 1.6 V for stability.
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