1. T

    Ubuntu not Booting after Graphic Card Update

    I recently changed my Gfx from 560Ti to GTX 960. And since then whenever I try to start Ubuntu it hangs on the start up screen. Windows runs fine. I can boot through Recovery Option to Terminal but apart from that nothing. Please help. Not very well versed with Linux yet so step by...
  2. Skyh3ck

    Broadcom Wifi Adapter connection solution for Linux !!! SOLVED -

    Hi Everyone I am having a Lenovo B490 laptop which has a Broadcom Corporations : BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller I was not able to surf net with wifi, eventhough the wifi was connected and it always showed that the connection is made with the router, but i never got internet...
  3. M

    Connecting euipment on LAN to computers on Wireless LAN

    I am writing this from the ship and we are sailing and not very computer / networking literate. Need your help. All computers on board are connected to one another by wireless LAN connection and all are working well. The master communications computer is connected to the Satellite terminal...
  4. E

    nc600 thinclient configuration

    HI Guys, I urgently need your help. Recently I bought a nc600 thinclient usb. I already had a spare monitor. But I am having a hardtime in connecting both of them. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work for me. My setup is: Server: Harddisk 500 Gb Core i3 processor Ram 4gb...
  5. meetdilip

    Terminal Server Client

    hi, I got the following while cleaning using PC Doctor. What is it ? Never seen this before.
  6. A

    Terminal server

    Dear All, Suggest me terminal server Supporting RDC session on songle terminal srever thanks and regards Arjun
  7. Psychosocial

    ubuntu 10.04 internet woes

    Okay I just installed 10.04. Let me tell you people that I am a Linux noob. I have had a bit of experience with previous distros but I am pretty much a newbie. So I setup 10.04 but I can't get my net to connect. It's working fine on Win7 (posting from it). It's a dsl connection. I use an...
  8. joe333

    TV Tuner USB, Windows7 Ready, 1Yr Warranty

    Friends .....up for sale is a new USB TV Tuner External- with program recording facility. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make: HYTECH www.hytechindia.com Model No: HT325 Spec: RF terminal (Cable TV input) S-Video...
  9. rohitshubham

    share through workgroup

    hey i have internet through sify broadband and thre is one common terminal for the whole apartment and whenever i open workgroup computers the list of all the person's computer of the terminal opens up even if i am not connected to the net(as in the pic) so, i was wondering that is there any...
  10. layzee

    Installing KDE in Puppy 4.0 (Dingo)

    I have very recently switched to Puppy Linux 4.0 (Dingo) from Windows. After going through the net I found out that GNome and KDE can be installed on Puppy. I have installed Puppy on my USB drive and have also downloaded the KDE .SFS file which Puppy is configured to load at startup. But when I...
  11. sayakb

    HOWTO: Counter-Strike 1.6 with Wine

    Installing Wine Goto System->Administration->Software Sources Enable all software repositories under the Ubuntu Software and Third Party Software tabs. Now, at a terminal, type in: sudo apt-get install wineInstall the Wine gecko engine At a terminal, type in: wine iexplore...
  12. gauravsuneja

    how to use apton cd iso or apt on cd packages

    how to use apton cd iso or apt on cd packages as such without using internet connection to install programs and libraries even when off line?. when ever i run a script in terminal to install packages the it connects to internet and if it not available it say there is duplicate entry in apt...
  13. Dark Star

    How to : Install GFX Grub In Ubuntu !

    GNU Graphics Grub is the new Grub boot screen which adds to Visual appeal of Boot Screen .. Unlike older grub GFX Grub has now much better themes and customization options.. So lets take a quick look at How To Install GFX Boot.. To install GFX Grub we have to remove older grub so that it should...
  14. Ecko

    Noob Linux User

    We'll i just thought of moving to Linux from Windows I need a liitle help Need a linux which requires no terminal commands (yes I'm fed up by terminal) A very very good & customizable GUI GUI for doing everything (ex configuring Internet Connection) A friend of mine reconed me OS PCLINUX What...
  15. New

    What's the Administrator password for Ubuntu7.10?

    Friends please tell me the default Administrator password for Ubuntu live DVD..I mean when i give the command "su" in terminal it asks for a password and i need that softy.. Thanks..
  16. Dark Star

    GMount ISO : Virtual Drive for Linux.

    Gmount-iso is a small tool written using PyGTK and Glade. It allows you to easily mount your cd images. This is a frontend to the 'mount -o loop -t iso9660 foo.iso /mountpoint' command... Convert your CDs and unprotected DVDs into “virtual CDs” — disc images that run directly on your hard...
  17. DukeNukem

    Fedora 7/8 Session Crashes :(

    Hi To all u out there (lol) Iam havin this strange Prob. Ive updated my Fedora 7 and Fedora 8 for XFCE Session, Every thin went smooth But whenever i tries to run terminal inside it XFCE session restarts to the login window. Any Specific reason behind this ?????? SOS
  18. S

    [HELP] PROBLEMS using Fedora 7

    Today i installed the Fedora 7 provided by digit in july issue. Installation executed smoothly. I am using linux for the first time. I was trying to mount windows partions. Tried a lot to mount. Read guides and tutorials online. But its not loading. Could there be a problem with the OS ? Or...
  19. ilugd

    Gnome doesn't start

    Hi, I made updates and installations using yum gui. I had installed the rpmforge repo and installed vlc, mplayer and similar stuff also ntfs-3g, fuse and similar basically to get mp3s and ntfs partitions to work. When I tried mounting with mount immediately it didn't work with ntfs drives and so...
  20. T

    didnt go to the desktop appear in terminal window when login

    hi friends,yesterday i installed suse-10.2 in my system.it is working fine for afternoon.then in afternoon when i try to login to suse linux it will appear in terminal mode.it will ask the user name and login password.then i give it it didnt go to the kde desktop.it will appear in the same...
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