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i have internet through sify broadband and thre is one common terminal for the whole apartment
and whenever i open workgroup computers the list of all the person's computer of the terminal opens up even if i am not connected to the net(as in the pic)
so, i was wondering that is there any way that i can send and receive files through my friend's computer??? (if we both agree)


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I cannot see the attached image. Any way, if I understand you correctly, there should not be a problem sending files between the workgroup computers if you can see each other's computers.

Enable file sharing on your computers. Share the folder containing the files you want to transfer. The shared folders should be visible in My Network Places, and also inside the sharing computer if you double-click the computer icon in "View workgroup computers". Copy the files you want from the receiving computer.

It's a good idea to designate one shared folder and copy the files you want to share into that folder instead of sharing them wherever they are.

The above assumes that you are using Windows XP, but the principles are the same for other OSes. If you need further details, state which OS you are using.
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