Connecting euipment on LAN to computers on Wireless LAN


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I am writing this from the ship and we are sailing and not very computer / networking literate. Need your help.
All computers on board are connected to one another by wireless LAN connection and all are working well.

The master communications computer is connected to the Satellite terminal (Felcom FBB 500) via a LAN connection and all is working well and we have our Internet connection going.

The IP Addresses are as follows :
Communication Computer
LAN Subnet mask
WLAN Subnet mash

Satellite Terminal
LAN Subnet mask

All other computers on board
WLAN 192.168.1.XXX Subnet mask

How can I communicate with the Satellite Terminal which has got a LAN connection and no WLAN connection.
I need to have my Internet connected to the computers on the wireless Network.

The LAN connection is made by a Netgear 10/100 Mbps fast ethernet switch - FS108.
The WLAN is via a whole networking terminal.



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no idea about how a sea-borne ship onboard communication network works but if internet is working on communications computer( then it should also work on all connected WLAN devices assuming you have enabled internet connection sharing(search ICS in windows help for details).
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