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  1. A

    Laptop temperatures

    Hi guys, what temperatures of CPU, GPU is fine for idle laptops? 1070 runs at 54 degrees while browsing 10 chrome tabs @ 2100 rpm fan speed. i7 6700HQ runs at 61 degrees while browsing 10 chrome tabs @ 2100 rpm fan speed. I have a setting to max out my fan speed(4800 rpm), when I do this, in...
  2. Rajat Giri

    Are these temperatures safe ?

    These are the temperatures shown by SpeedFan Processor at idle is running hot, what could be the problem ? PC Specs Intel i3 3220 Sapphire HD7850 2GB Gigabyte Ga b75m d3h Corsair cx430V2 4 GB DDR3 RAM
  3. TechPrince

    FX 6300 temperature, is this normal?

    I bought CPU and motherboard a few days ago. Now i have : AMD FX 6300 Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Rev 6.0 Cooler Master TX3 Evo with 2200 RPM Ball Bearing Fan. Sapphire HD 7770. Corsair Spec 02 Cabinet. No OC, Turbo Core disabled, using EasyTune6 to read the temperatures : Room temperature is...
  4. Adibaba

    ASUS k55vmj freezing

    Hey guys my frend just bought new lappy ASUS k55vmj its got a i5 processor and gt 635m gpu but still its hangs while gaming ,we have tried many games from assasin's creed to counter strike 1.6 but after an hour or so the screen completly freezes.We have seen the temperatures dey do not go...
  5. Nerevarine

    Crysis 1 very high temperatures on HD 7770

    my GPU's temperatures reach 86 C, everytime i play crysis.. Soon after artefacts develop on the screen and the game freezes.. Is it a problem with my GPU ?? This does not occur with any other games (skyrim, ACR) .. Should I send it for RMA ?? I just got the card last week PS : I havent oced it
  6. S

    ASUS HD7970 Temperatures

    Hey guys, I have a ASUS HD7970 3GD-5 card. It idles around 40(with air conditioner on) to 55c. The problem is before summer started (might sound sort of funny), my load temperatures for the card were around 77 to 80C. Now in the heat of summer I get upto 88 or even 89 and 90C. Especially Farcry...
  7. harshilsharma63

    How to remove heatsink?

    Hi, I have an Intel DH61WW. all temperatures are low except the PCH which always remains at 43 C in winters. So, I want to remove the southbridge's heatsink, apply some Arctic Silver 5, and fix it again hoping that the temperatures would lower down. But I just cant remove the southbridge...
  8. rijinpk1

    what do these temperature mean?

    what component in my computer has this much temperature(122c)? are all other temperatures normal?
  9. A

    Need Graphic Card under 10k

    I have 3 year old Gaming rig with Following Specs: Intel Core2Quad Q8200 Kingston 2GB x2 DDR3 1333mhz MSI P45-C51 Motherboard MSI ATI Radeon 4850 1 GB Zebronics Platinum 500W PSU 24A WD 1TB x2 64MB Buffer HDD + WD 500 GB + Seagate 250 GB ViewSonic 19" 16:10 LCD I keep my PC running a...
  10. A

    Are these temperatures fine?

    These are my CPU temperatures and volts in idle ( booted up into bios 10 minutes earlier ): Temps: Volts: Note: My ambient room temperature must be around 40 degrees..
  11. smashingdude

    Processor query!

    So, I've got the phenom II X2 560. I ran the Prime test for nearly 6 hours and the proccy temperature maxes at around 53*C. Idle is around 35*C. I live in Delhi, so temperatures are fairly high this time of the year. So, are these temperatures normal?
  12. sharang.d

    Are these temperatures nromal?

    Are these temperatures normal? IDLE: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 DG31PR Also what's AUXTIN? Why is it at such high temp?
  13. M

    Optimal Temperatures

    Guys i have the following configuration : Core 2 duo E7200 2.53 ghz 2 GB transcend ddr2 ram 250 gb hdd Corsair gs 600ATX power supply MSI gtx 560 ti 2 gb graphics card Intel dg31 pr MOBO I have a generic cabinet with no cooler and just purchased gtx 560 ti and corsair gs 600 yesterday...
  14. S

    Share your computer temps

    I have a stock athlon II X3 440 processor and use the cooling fan that came along with it. I have a very basic computer case by techcom, which has actually no airflow whatsoever. So I removed the Side panel, for more airflow. Still my core temperatures are incredibly high, my computer idles...
  15. V

    Please check my PC Temperatures, Are they Normal?

    Hi Below is a screenshot of Open Hardware Monitor of my PC Temperatures. I am having Zebronics Bijli Cabinet having 1 Front LED Fan(Intake), 1 fan at the back(Exhaust), 2 fans on side panel (Top is Intake, Other is exhaust), I also have Sapphire Radeon HD 6750 1GB GFX Card, also stock AMD CPU...
  16. K

    High temperatures in Acer laptop

    Hi all, I am using Acer 5742G notebook with a core i5 480m CPU and Nvidia GT540m GPU. My CPU is giving temperatures like 90-95 degree celcius when i run games like FarCry 2, COD black Ops and Crysis 2 e.t.c Is this normal? If not whats the solution? Will a laptop cooler do? I monitor...
  17. P

    Need help with cooling!!!!

    i have 2 zotac gtx 560 ti in sli in a cm 690II cabinet and the processor is intel i5 2500... now heres the problem...my windows gadget says that my cpu core temperatures are around 85 c average and my gpu temperature goes till 87 c when under load( i was playing battlefield bc2)...ant the...
  18. forever

    Rig for Sale

    Specs Mainboard : Gigabyte EP31-DS3L (Intel P31 Chipset) Processor : Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3000 MHz Memory : Transcend 2GB (DDR2 800MHZ) Graphics Card : GeCube ATI Radeon HD 4850 Hard Disk : Seagate 500 GB (32 MB Buffer) DVD-Rom : MOSER BAER DH-20A3S Cabinet : Cooler Master Elite...
  19. mahesh

    Is the temperature normal?

    i am using 8600 gt 512 mb DDR3. when i start my system the temperature of my gpu is showing 56C and when i play any game(fifa 09) it is showing 70C. is the temperatures are normal? my cabinet is fully closed.i. found these temperatures using speedfan.
  20. C

    Are these temperatures normal?

    These are the temperatures of my PC components. Plz tell me if the temperatures are fine or not. GPU (XFX 6600GT 256 MB)- 60 C on average HDD (Samsung 80GB)- 50 C Proccy (AMD 64 Athlon 1.81 Ghz)- average 45 C mobo core (ASUS A8NE)- average 45 C When I game, the temperatures rise by...
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