1. B

    Difference in color in Taskbar

    Hello Friends, There is a slight difference in color in the taskbar in our Windows 10 laptop. First I thought that the screen might be damaged due to weight or something but then I played some videos and games and the difference in color is not there in the bottom right part of the screen in...
  2. cute.bandar

    Resized windows 8 partition and now everythings messed up

    So I resized my windows 8 partition from a usb gparted (ubuntu) . Restarted and everything has gone crazy inside windows 8. Problems: 1. start screen icons are gone (including the user login one) 2. task bar icons are gone as well 3. can't change certain things , like unlock the taskbar...
  3. G

    SysWOW64 folder pops up

    hi digit, my uncle has an hp laptop just a month old. A window with the folder C:\Windows\SysWOW64 pops up often and while he is working in some apps e.g. in firefox the taskbar doesn't auto hide. Why is this happening? How to disable it?
  4. CommanderShawnzer

    recommend me rainmeter skins/themes(windows 7 compatible)

    please tell me about some skins/themes for rainmeter (give links) a good enough skin like enigma a dock like the one in mac OS X a skin to make my windows taskbar transparent PS:i put this in software QA because i did'nt know where to start this thread.if mods know an appropriate...
  5. A

    [win xp] [pls help!!!] accidentally removed shell from avg 2012 internet security

    I accidentally remove shell startup from avg system tools/startup... then i uninstalled avg.. when i restarted my pc.. taskbar does not show.. but my documents pops up automatically.. when i run explorer.exe.. only my documents pops up.. but taskbar and desktop icons does not show.. so i...
  6. techking_dinesh

    [Windows vista] Desktop not loading

    Hello, I have a dell studio 1537 I had some batch files on my desktop for my students My sister accidentally clicked on one of them It created about 10,000 folders on the desktop and the system hanged up I booted in safe mode , pressed Ctrl A and deselected my original stuff and deleted...
  7. Harivel

    Consider Replacing your Battery..???

    I m havn Acer 5740G...Im bought on around 1year b4, but now my battery show in Taskbar, Consider Replacing Your Batttery.... What is this prob??any1 plzz help me.. :(
  8. Harivel

    Windows 7 |Shortcuts|

    Guys,You just have to know them,few people memorize keyboard shortcuts for everything. But concentrate a while on the shortcuts for areas of Windows 7 that you use the most, and you're likely to find a few that are so useful that you'll remember them quickly. you can create a new folder...
  9. pra85

    hide a icon from the taskbar

    my OS is Win 7 Ultimate i want to hide the icon of Utorrent in the taskbar so that it only works in the background without being detected by anybody:mrgreen: [hide in the sense that it is not at all there ,even in the hidden icons]
  10. saswat23

    TaskBar icon hidding

    I need a soft or a trick to hide icons of uTorrent and IDM from the taskbar permanently. I dont have a broadband connection at my home so i have to visit cafe to download latest songs, vids and softs. Suppose i download UBUNTU O/S, it would take approx 4hrs. So, i want a soft by which i can...
  11. george101

    Winamp - Integration with Windows 7 Taskbar

    Win7shell is a simple plugin for Winamp, that integrates it with the new taskbar of Windows 7. As you may know the taskbar offers lots of new features, which you can read about everywhere, including here. Why would you need this? The new taskbar features were designed to improve the convenience...
  12. prttal

    Read this in Digit June 2010.

    I read this community page in this month's digit and also looked into the Community DVD. I also checked out those 7 taskbar applications but unfortunately I use XP. I wanted to ask that how do programmers access the windows taskbar and change its properties? Also is it possible in XP and can...
  13. krates

    Ankit Fadia views about should we install windows 7 or not

    this is damn hillarious I was watching MTV and there comes a program called what the hack watch the part about should we install windows 7 or not http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfTvqR8mxK0 He is saying windows 7 taskbar has been copied from MAC LMAO and windows 7 is more like mac so we...
  14. rhitwick

    Taskbar vanished!!!

    Guys, today when I powered on my PC, its not displaying taskbar. However time I restart my PC or my explorer, it doesn't show up. Getting only desktop icons, nothing else. Able to access all drives, task-manager, registry no issues with that... OS: WinXP SP3
  15. naveen_reloaded

    Windows 7 - My Review...

    When i first went through many articles on windows 7 , i thought that , there wont be much to enjoy in , just another new code and fresh developer team and nothing more.but everything changed after i installed the Windows 7 RC.The installation however didn't go well on my Dell M1530, got a...
  16. Vishal Gupta

    Download SevenVG Blue and SevenVG Black Themes with Normal Taskbar

    Guys Lots of people requested to create separate versions of "SevenVG" and "SevenVG Black" themes without Superbar. Guess what not all people are used to Windows 7 Superbar. ;) So today I released Normal Taskbar versions of both themes: SevenVG Theme with Normal Taskbar: Download Link...
  17. Vishal Gupta

    [UPDATE 2] Download SevenVG RC Theme with Superbar for Windows XP

    As you all know "SevenVG" is the first Windows 7 look-a-like theme for XP and almost all other themes are based on it. Today I'm very pleased to announce a new update for this theme. This theme has been updated to match with the latest Windows 7 build 7057. It contains lots of new resources...
  18. midhu

    Time is appearing in 24hr format in windows taskbar

    Dear Friends, In my PC the Time is appearing in 24hr format(eg: 17:00, 13:00) in windows taskbar, i have searched the time and date options window for changing the time to 12hr format but I couldn't find any options, I doubt that this might be due some unwanted softwares:!:. So friends...
  19. Vishal Gupta

    [UPDATE] Download SevenVG R2 Theme with Superbar for Windows XP

    This theme has been made for Windows XP users who want to have "Windows 7" look in their Windows. This theme can make your Windows XP look like Windows 7. This theme provides: 1. Full Start ORB. 2. Windows 7 Superbar 3. Big and Iconized taskbar buttons. This theme is an update over previous...
  20. blademast3r

    Software for bandwidth usage

    Hey guys.. I need a software which displays my daily bandwidth usage nd probably sits on the windows taskbar... need it so that i dont exceed my monnthy quota of bandwidth.. thanks..
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