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Guys,You just have to know them,few people memorize keyboard shortcuts for everything. But concentrate a while on the shortcuts for areas of Windows 7 that you use the most, and you're likely to find a few that are so useful that you'll remember them quickly.

you can create a new folder simply by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N.

Pressing Shift while right-clicking on a file in Windows Explorer uncovers some hidden gems on the resulting pop-up menu. For example, the "copy as path" command, normally hidden, becomes part of the context-sensitive menu.

You probably noticed that, Windows 7 pins a few applications to the taskbar. You can pin more there just by dragging an application and dropping it on the taskbar.Win+1 will launch the first program pinned to the taskbar. Win+2 launches the second, and so one.

Using Shift+Win+number or Ctrl+Win+number, and Alt+Win+number performs other tricks. Shift+Win+number launches an additional instance of the corresponding application that's pinned to the taskbar, while Ctrl+Win+number cycles through the open instances of the corresponding application on the taskbar. Alt+Win+number opens the jump list for the corresponding taskbar application.

Win 7 combinations perform similarly interesting tricks. Win+T, for instance, scrolls through all applications minimized on your taskbar,

Press Win+(+/-) -- meaning the plus and minus keys on your numeric keypad -- to zoom the entire display in or out.

Win+P: Projector..
Win+E: Opens Windows Explorer.
Win+U: Opens the Ease of Access Center.
Win+D: Show/hide the desktop.
Win+F: Opens the Search Results window.
Win+L: Locks the computer.
Win+B: Sets focus to the “Show hidden icons” button on the task bar.
Win+M: Minimizes all windows.
Win+R: Opens the Run dialog.

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