1. I

    Why is svchost.exe taking so much RAM

    Hi all, After installing Bitdefender Total Security 2015, I have noticed that at startup my RAM fills up till 70% of 3.5gigs. I had a quick look in the task manager and saw that svchost was taking up 500mb and sometimes climbing up till 700mb! I have already run virus scans and malware scans(...
  2. G

    Freeing the ram - note 4?

    Hello, to all of you. I have Note 4, whenever I run task manager it only shows 500 MB ram left out of 3 gb, I have installed the Advanced task manager to free the ram, but I have to manually free the ram, and some useless applications automatically restarts, Please recommend some good ram...
  3. M

    cresing problem

    hello friend my pc is crasing and if i start any task one bye one then program(task) like my compute my documentst, firefox etc are crasing And I MUST HAVE TO DO END OF TASK THIS PROB START FROM I START USING INTERNET VIE MOBILE TO PC , I ALSO SCAN THE SYSTEM MANY TIMES AND ALSO REINSTALLD...
  4. R

    Queries regarding Tp-link router

    Hey guys, I plan to buy a router that should be able to control the following things (at least): content filtering bandwidth control mac-wise allow of internet firewall Basically I want to block a lot of sites and also keep control over who browses what. I came across TP-LINK...
  5. mrinmoy

    Will replacing RAM by myself void warranty?

    Hi, I bought Asus X55C-SX161D, 2 weeks back from flipkart. The laptop is very good at regular task. But there is only one problem- 2Gb RAM. As I am using 64 bit Win 8, the RAM is very low for that. So I cannot open 5-6 task simultaneously, even when I try to open 5-6 chrome tab it slows down...
  6. V

    Task manager network utilisation is not working

    I am using Windows 8 Pro. In the task manager, network utilisation always remains at zero even though network is being used. But the individual apps and processes state the amount of network bandwidth being used.
  7. N

    Google Chrome "Couldn't Load Plug-in" error

    It started yesterday. I tried redownloading and installing, nothing happened. I even tried disabling Shockwave through Chrome's Task Manager, as someone suggested, nothing happened. I reinstalled Shockwave, nothing happened. I'm on Windows 7, nothi.... err... help!
  8. digitaltab

    task manager disabled in windows 7

    my task manager and registry editor are disabled in windows 7 ultimate... computer has also become slow and unresponsive since last day, i don't know what has happened, i don't have an anti-virus installed on my computer, Please suggest the best possible steps to correct the errors...
  9. Alok

    [SOLVED] CPU usage above 56% even idle

    I'm very tired fomatting my PC over and over again. its 5 times and still same result. Problem cpu use is above 56% even PC is idle.its slow and games are unplayable. Analysis What i found, while checking Task Manager that random processes (not specific...
  10. R

    Start System Tool Without Annoying UAC Queries

    The security query every time you start a system tool is really annoying:evil:. We can disable UAC but then this disables it permantely:cry:. However, UAC can be avoided by starting the program indirectly using Task Scheduler and UAC remains active for other programs.:-o Open Task Scheduler...
  11. ithehappy

    What problem is this?

    It was just a matter of time when my PC would start to act weird again, and here it goes....... For last two weeks I am having this crazy thing. Monitor goes to Standby for 10 secs and then comes back with this message in Task bar. Any idea what's the matter? I am more or less sure it's m GPU...
  12. Raziel

    Best Processor+Mobo for 3D Rendering ?

    Hi guys, I wanna do a lot of 3D graphics & rendering stuff. Can someone suggest a good CPU + Motherboard under 17k suitable for the task ? Also like to know the price of a cheap nVidia Quadro FX card.. Thanks :)
  13. prttal

    Virtual Dub help

    I am trying to use the box blur filter in vdub but am not able to set the offset --> I mean position(only the face of the person in video), where it should be applied. If this is not possible can you suggest another filter which can accomplish this task? Please help.
  14. S

    stopping processes in windows task manger

    Many programs are run in windows task manger when computer start up,but there are few programs which i don't used frequently now days,i wan to prevent that program from running in windows task manger when windows start up,i tried msconfig,but there not the program i want to remove and i don't...
  15. G

    Some kind of icon on my task bar!!

    FOr about 2 weeks i have been noticing an icon on my task bar on startup...It looks like the shape of a binocular and dissappears as soon as i hover my mouse over it....ANd recently wen i opened my XP ...after showing me the desktop it came 2 the BSOD and then it restarted and opened xp and...
  16. akash22

    problem with my task manager

    can someone help to bring back my by other tabs of task manager
  17. yomanabhi

    Help Plz Help!! my games is stop working in middle of playing.

    Hey guys Help me whenever i play games like Far cry 2, GTA 4,Crysis warhead. They start well but after nearly half-hour. these games hang. I have to end task by task manager, or sometimes message appear in window 7 "This program is stop responding Check for solution or close this program" Or...
  18. leo61611616

    Compare, Find Difference Between Files Online

    If you have two files that are similar but perhaps not identical, going through them to search for differences is a tiring and time consuming task. If the text files are longer than a couple of paragraphs, comparing them can even be near impossible. Thanks to these comparison websites -...
  19. r4gs

    Auto logon and restart

    For various reasons, I need to have my Pc restart at specific times at night and automatically log on to the internet. I'm able to get the pc to restart by setting a task in the task manager using "shutdown.exe -r -t 00" but it I need a better way of doing it. Is there any software which...
  20. Crysis900

    Software Required For Calculating Sales and Stock in Pharmacy

    Our family recently opened up a pharmacy. And since we already have a Pc we thought of putting it to use. But we don't even have a clue of which software to use to do the following task:- We need a sofware to save the names of medical items we bought on a day basis. Suppose we bought ten...
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