Freeing the ram - note 4?

to all of you.
I have Note 4, whenever I run task manager it only shows 500 MB ram left out of 3 gb, I have installed the Advanced task manager to free the ram, but I have to manually free the ram, and some useless applications automatically restarts, Please recommend some good ram manager to avoid all this.Hope to see reply soon.
Thank You.


In the zone
500 MB out of 3gb is too low. I have 1.2gb free from 2gb on my zenphone 5. Delete all the unused app, kill all the background process this will free the ram.


Right off the assembly line
Install Startup Monitor and disable apps that load at startup. There are some system apps that should not be disabled but the third-party extra junk added by the phone manufacturer can be removed. After that Advanced task killer is your friend. You can also go to Settings - Apps - System and disable some of the Google apps (be very careful here).
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