The Ultimate Registry Tweaking Software U will EVER See!

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What Is It? Does It Do?
RT.Net contains lots of registry tweaks. The GUI is checkbox/textbox based with 18 sections of tweaks to browse through. When you have selected all the tweaks you want you can click the compile button and they will be compiled onto the screen for you to view. There is also an option after you have compiled to save the file to your drive. In the new versions you have the option to save your selections so you dont have to start from scratch all the time. It is also a standalone .exe file and doesnt require installation.

Source:This piece of application is done By a Member of MSFN Forum and has been Tested By many users and has found to working Really Grt and is by far as been the Best Tweaking s/w u will ever see.I have Uploaded this s/w and i can assure U that it doesnt contain and mailicous Stuff or virus in it *

Note:It Requires .Net Framework 1.1 to be installed on ur comp to work or u will get an error.As this is Still In the Beta Version u might face some Bugs which are very Trivial But u will love this which i can guarantee *



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Why not give the direct link ;)

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But I buggedmenot it.
Use username:leavemealone, password:bugmenot. It works for now.

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Guys this version's development has been stopped and it is no longer supported, although support is not needed as it is a gr8 app.

But i would just like to introduce you all to its successor, again from guys at MSFN forums.

I am a Beta Tester / Helper in Development in this project.
Althoug it is in an early Beta Stage, we are adding new features and since it is a Non Commercial project by students, progress is slow.

You can dowload the software from this site and report any comments and suggestions here so that i can forware it to the team.

In this app, the Tweaks will be downloaded from a Remote Database. This helps you get the Latest Updates and set of tweaks automatically.
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