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Network Monitor s/w


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i am in need of a 3rd party network monitor s/w. need just the basics, ie, it would log when the net was connected and how much data was transferred and when it was disabled. anything additional will be welcome, but not needed. should not cause much load on cpu, and should start with windows startup.

any idea about microsoft's network monitor 3??


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thanks for the replies! i'll try both and post back :)

networx is awesome.. gonna stick with it. thanks to both of ya for helping!!


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for Ubuntu Linux or Linux Mint ??? Like NetWorx .

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net is always connected if connection is configured as pppoe type/cable broadband.if you meant bridge/dialer connection then only it is possible.take a look at networx:
Bandwidth monitor, bandwidth speed test, bandwidth and traffic monitoring tool for Windows

in office , 10PC ,with broadband connection (share one BB business plan ) . I want to known from Master PC , which user usages how many data(download +upload ). is it possible . then which software I will used for that . thank you.
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