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System restore point

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I have created restore point in win xp proff sp2 after installing xp and reqd. s/w. After that i download many files, s/w from net in next few days. Due some reason i want to restore to that point. I want to know after restoring should it deleted my download stuffs also or it un-install only newly install prog. Other than install prog, is it effecting any other data or other drive data


Try it and see, you can always reverse the previous restore.

It may delete your downloaded files after the date of restore. but it dosen't touch the files in my documents folder.

For more help search restore in Help and support.

If you don't know you can find help and support in start menu


yes it actually moves the files to System Volume Information folder u need to set the security setting and enable show hidden file in folder option to open that folder
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