1. papul1993

    Need a WiFi N router with ADSL2+ support

    [Solved]Need a WiFi N router with ADSL2+ support Hi, I have a BSNL broadband connection. I want to buy a wireless N router within 3.5K with ADSL2+ support. I want as large wireless range as possible. It should be atleast N150, although N300 is preferred. I will be using it for HD movie...
  2. reniarahim1

    Microsoft officially unveils Windows Phone 8

    Features Include: - Multi-Core Support - WVGA, WXGA and 720p Display Resolution - Micro SD card support - Internet Explorer 10 - NFC Enabled - Nokia Maps - New Home Screen (Adjustable Tile Size) - Multitasking - Skype Integration - Shares common kernal with Windows 8 making the app...
  3. tkin

    Suggest an android mobile for 20-25k.

    1. Budget? -20+/-4k 2. Display type and size? -Nothing special. 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? -Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? -None, but must have service in major cities, specially kolkata. 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type) -Capacitive...
  4. ssk_the_gr8

    Opera 12 is out

    Download Opera browser | Faster & safer internet | Free download What's new What?s new in Opera I especially like the new themes + the performance is even better now opera did a good thing by Discontinuing Opera Unite, Opera Widgets and Voice - saving on resources and focusing where...
  5. yashthedude

    HTC ONE X || Disscusion

    How about this for a rebound after a rather quiet second half of last year? A massive change of game plan sees HTC focus on a few special products instead of trying to create a smartphone for every taste. An outstanding result of this effort, the HTC One X brings so many firsts for both company...
  6. cute.bandar

    49$ android powered mini computer coming soon.

    Name : VIA apc Gx16_mJKY5A More details: * Official Site: * I am personally super excited about this one. This would be a perfect as a downloadbox or watching...
  7. D

    Suggest Upgradation for Motherboard and CPU

    Hi All, I am planning to upgrade my System for better performance. Current configuration always slowing down in its performance when 2-3 application are in execution on Windows XP environment. Just for an example, even switching between two application takes some time. Also, I would like to...
  8. digit06

    which will support?

    iam having a 4 pci slot(not express) and a agp 4x slot which is the graphics card slot will both support graphics card or only agp will support! :| and my specs are 1024 gb ram ddr1 nvidiageforce fx5200 gfx card (agp) gigabyte 7vm 333m - rz motherboard 80 gb hdd amd athlon xp 2600+ 2.47 ghz
  9. CarlonSamuels

    Need a new Case

    I need a decent Case for less than 4k strictly. I need transparent side window Good Cable management ATX support Bump.
  10. K

    Got an ipad 3, very disappointed - it's just not that great for an Indian context

    I recently got an ipad 3 and I'm very very disappointed. Specifically for an Indian scenario the ipad just isn't the right device. Perhaps there are less issues if you are used to other apple products and their overall design philosophy of form over function. In the end after the initial shock...
  11. A

    Need a new SLI mobo

    Hi Digit, I am a causal gamer, I've got a 19'' Monitor and i play most games @1600x900 on Nvidia GTX560 Ti. I've got a Seasonic 550W PSU. I plan for a big upgrade, i want to upgrade my mobo and CPU. My Current Specifications are. CPU: C2D E7500 2.93Ghz Mobo: Asus P5KPL AM/PS GPU: NVIDIA GTX560...
  12. hari1

    Getting customer support or repairs of nook simple touch

    I have decided to buy nook simple touch from homeshop18. :mrgreen:This ereader is really good. But I want to know if I get any problems with it, can I get it repaired in india? Any customer support (non barnes and noble). I dont want to waste money on something that could become useless because...
  13. ico

    101 reasons not to buy a windows phone 7.5

    Source: 101 Reasons Not to Buy A Windows Phone 7.5 :: My-Symbian ~ My-Maemo ~ My-MeeGo Forum
  14. dr_jimit

    [Query] Any way to repair Linksys / Cisco Router in India....?

    Hello Friends, I have a Linksys WAG160N, [ADSL2+ N Router]which has stopped working. All LEDs including Power LED is blinking, No Connection, No Ping. Official Support says No service center, Only RMA/Replacement through website. Mine cant get replaced cos it is out of warranty. Mine can also...
  15. ajayritik

    Need some details about USB 3.0

    Hi Guys, I recently bought a HDD which has USB 3.0 support. However my motherboard currently doesn't have the USB 3.0 support. I found that using this new device the transfer speeds are better as compared to device supporting USB 2.0 So even though I don't have USB 3.0 supported on my...
  16. A

    Tablets should support multiple OSes.

    Nowadays,for tablets,either the software and hardware manufacturers are the same(like apple ipad) or there are tie-ups between 2 companies(like in samsung) and as a result all of them are coming preloaded with OSes.I think tablets should support multiple OSes which can be removed and...
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