[Query] Any way to repair Linksys / Cisco Router in India....?


Hello Friends, I have a Linksys WAG160N, [ADSL2+ N Router]which has stopped working. All LEDs including Power LED is blinking, No Connection, No Ping.

Official Support says No service center, Only RMA/Replacement through website.

Mine cant get replaced cos it is out of warranty.

Mine can also not get REPAIRED cos CISCO doesnt repair Routers !!!!! [Shocking that this i didnt know before purchase]

Official Support Person says BUY A NEW ROUTER !!!!!

Friends, i am too much shocked by such things...
CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHERE CAN I GET IT REPAIRED BY THIRD PARTY AT COST????? new N series with modem are costing @ 1950@ Flipkart...

NEVER EVER Going for CISCO Products in my life ...
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Why dont you asker the dealer from whom you bought this to repair it. There are many computer repairing shops locally ask 'em if they can help.
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