which will support?


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iam having a 4 pci slot(not express) and a agp 4x slot

which is the graphics card slot will both support graphics card or only agp will support!

and my specs are

1024 gb ram ddr1
nvidiageforce fx5200 gfx card (agp)
gigabyte 7vm 333m - rz motherboard
80 gb hdd
amd athlon xp 2600+ 2.47 ghz


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None of them. For using current gen Gfx cards you need PCI Express X16 slot. Your system is very old and need a complete update.


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Why are you opening two threads with same questions?
Ico has already answered your question on your other thread.
I repeat the answer better save up for a new system and don't waste money on agp or pci cards!


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guys i have no money to update the whole system ?

that's why i am asking you !:oops:

Thing is even if you buy a AGP card the performance will bad quite bad on any & probably every graphics intensive Application. Sorry.
But modern day graphic apps demand a lot of Graphic processing power.


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one more questine will my pc support pci not pcie graphics cards

i am having a gt 520 pci (not pcie) gfx card

here is the image of that


will this support?


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It will only support if you have a pci port. Though i don't think the gt520 is a pci card. can you provide the link please? Have you bought the card? If not don't buy it.


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The card will work, but why spend money on something which is obsolute. Wait and save for a new system. Even a 20k system will provide you with huge performance benefits.


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You're wasting your money by going with GT 520 PCI version or any AGP card.

It's better you spend NOTHING.

If you wish to, then it is your wish.


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no guys iam having this one

gfx cardwith my friend he told he going to replace his pc he gona give it to me

one will this support hot pursuit 2010:razz:


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But whats the use?It wont give you much performance.IMO get a cheap upgrade for your mobo+cpu+gpu
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