1. axes2t2

    Suggest a digicam - Budget 7000/-

    I have zero knowledge about digicams.This one is going to be my first. So need your suggestion.
  2. Tech.Masti

    Need help about Inverter and Bettery

    need inverter and battery to purchase, not sure about brands.... inverter--850/875va battery--185ah please share your experience and suggestion..... thanx
  3. vidhubhushan

    Suggestion for Processor & Motherboard Upgrade

    I use my computer only for light work, songs and watching movies. At times, i encode a movie clip from one codec to another so as to watch it on my mobile. I only play Zynga games like Farmville and Cityville. As I have been playing these games for over an year, the games contain a lot many...
  4. T

    Processor suggestion

    AMD Phenom 1090t vs intel core i5 2400
  5. G

    Digital camera under 20K

    Hi, need suggestion for digital camera under 20000. I need 1. Super zoom 2. Good Micro focus 3. Manual setting(controlling shutter speed, aperture etc..) 4. good batery 5. Out door shooting Initially i thought about Sony DSCH55. any suggestion...
  6. A

    Thinking of buying Samsung Mpower Txt M369 CDMA, any suggestion??

    Hey Guys, I am think of buying Samsung Mpower Txt M369 CDMA phone. HAs anyone used this phone. Digit has not yet tested this phone. Samsung Mpower Txt M369 - Overview - Samsung Mobile India So i want suggestion on this phone. At reliance web world it is priced at 6200. Waiting for suggestion...
  7. d3p

    Buying Advice : New Config with Water Cooling

    Hi Guys, One of my friend is intrested in Buying a PC with Water Cooling. Purpose : Gaming, Rendering & Video Editing Budget : More than 1L[100k], but less than 2L[200k]. Overclocking: Yes of course with a Water Cooling Prefered. Need suggestion is selecting the components & suggestion on...
  8. ajayashish

    Planning to buy an Alienware... Please suggest

    Am planning to get an Alienware M15x from US and here is the configuration Intel® Core™ i7 740QM Quad Core Processor, 1.73GHz Ram 6GB DDR3 / 8GB DDR3 will add 150USD GPU (Need suggestion... my preference 460M) 1024 MB ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5850 1GB GDDR3 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260M Add...
  9. Jaskanwar Singh

    32" TV suggestion

    guys i need your suggestion for a 32" tv at max 40k.
  10. D

    psu + lcd @ < Rs. 7.5k

    I just spent my entire budget on the cabinet ... m selling off my old pc for around 6k.. i can pump in another 1-1.5k .... now i need a) a psu b) a lcd display ..ny suggestion guys?
  11. K

    Folder UnLock 6.5(forgot password)

    Hi Buddy, Can anyone help me to unlock the folder without password. i have installed the folderlock software v6.5 and i have copied all my data, after two months i have forgotten my password. now it's very urgent for me...please give me suggestion on the same Please find the attached...
  12. bkpeerless

    3g + good audio+ good camera mobile wanted

    I want to buy a new mobile for rs 5000. I would like to have the following features good audio good camera (if possible 5 mp) 3g if possible NO touchscreen decent battery backup plz give me some suggestion.. also i want to know will i get same 3g net speed in a mobile and data card...
  13. A

    How to Improve My Website ?

    I have recently started a site for latest mobile related news. Your Mobile Resource - Anything And Everything About Mobile now as I am new to this, need suggestion from experienced webmasters.
  14. toad_frog09

    Digi cam, urgent help.

    I need the best digi cam that is available in market at a price range of 15-20k.. The only words i understand bout cameras is megapixel, lens & flash. So please be specific & confident in your suggestion. Thank you. P.s- is this the right place to post this thread. Sorry if it isnt.
  15. Cilus

    Need suggestion for PSU

    After all of your suggestion, I've decided to go for a new premium PSU and wants it have a premium level one. I'm going to do Overclocking both the CPU and Gfx card and also the Rams. I'm planning for Crossfire also, probably with HD 5850, which I'm gonna buy within 2 months. I also want a good...
  16. S

    i need a suggestion on taking up java as professional

    i need a suggestion on taking up java as professional im 3rd year c.s.e in india learning java in niit need some guidance on carrer options and requirements to get into java field and choosing courses for c.s.e. in india
  17. F

    Which printer to buy for photo printing and scanning?

    I am looking for printer to print my digital snap and to scan my old snaps. Any suggestion will be helpful. I am not looking to use this as commercial but for my home use.
  18. Sathish

    Needed suggestion for buying 1.5. ton Air conditioner at <17k..

    pl suggest a brand worth to buy.. it should be a power efficient..
  19. A

    Grphics card under 12K

    I am looking for a graphics card priced under 12k. I am looking forward to buy Palit GTX 260 Sonic. Can anyone suggest me better card to buy. And suggestion for a 24 inch LCD will be welcomed too.
  20. Yoda

    I Would Like To Know The Career Prospect In "storage"

    Hi, I live in India. I'm thinking of taking up a Career in Storage. I would like to know the Career Prospects and hows the current Job Market for "Storage" and is it a good choice to take up a Career in "Storage" I don't know much about 'Storage" field, and I would like to know more about...
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