1. yash2006

    need suggestion.

    hi friends. i want to purchase a new g card for my friend.his budget is around 6k.he usually play games on 1024*768 at full settings.i suggested him 9600gt which would fulfill his need and in future if he needs more power then he can use 2 9600gt in sli mode. what are your suggestion friends.
  2. rhitwick

    ****URGENT****Need MOBO, PROCY N RAM suggestion

    Guys, need MOBO, Procy and RAM suggestion within today. Budget=9k Intel preferred. Please jump in. Thanx. Bump, Guys....plz.........I need it urgent.
  3. M

    need to buy a laptop

    i want to buy a laptop. i hav 50k in hand. i will use it for gaming & multimedia purpose. secondly is it best to buy a desktop or laptop? plz give ur suggestion.
  4. clmlbx

    IS AAASP course from ARENA worth doing?

    * First course on that page. It is a career course . What do you think guys should I do it ?. Well I have made my mind but thought of some suggestion . Is it worth Doing .? Better job aspects and all pls I need some suggestion ...
  5. S

    Suggestion for buying a new PC

    Friends i need a suggestion for buying a gaming PC I have these 2 set of options In the 1st set suggest about which processor to go for weither AMD® Phenom™ X4 9650 or AMD phenom X4 9850"black edition" Also suggest me some good graphics card which is less than 5000 quite good enough to...
  6. satyamy

    Need Windows Reseller Hosting ?

    I am in search of Reseller Hosting Plan - Windows Please Can anyone help ? any suggestion ?
  7. S

    upgreading system within 25k for maya

    I am upgreading my CPU .I need motherboard, processor ,ram and graphic Card. My requirement is for 3d animation works and rendering. Thanks for your suggestion and please mention the price if possible of Kolkata.
  8. R

    Help needed selecting a LCD!

    ok i understand that the best 19" is Dell SE198WFP but how good is the Samsung 943NWX? and then in 20 inch how about Dell SP2008WFP....or any other suggestion for 20"? tq
  9. the.kaushik

    Digital camera buying help!

    Guys, Am planning to buy a digicam. my budget is 15K max. I am looking forward for Sony,Canon,Nikon. I don't like Olympus(personal choice :D) Any help will be very thank full! wow no suggestion :(
  10. wraj

    Calling All Linux Enthusiasts

    hi everybody, first thing first,Id like to admit that I posted it in the wrong section of this forum (Q&A)and havent got a single response, so it can be considered as a repost (sorry moderators !!!) ____________________________________________________________________________ "I have built a...
  11. C

    need lil help guyz !!!!!!

    well I have done BE in computers & looking for some certified courses specially in fields of programming & have narrowed down to mcsd or mcts . any better suggestion mates !!!!!!!!
  12. G

    Mobile Suggestion ?

    Hmm I have a Budget of 12,000 Rs I need a Good Moblie Suggestion please ... :) Need a good mobile with good sound quality :D always expecting MP3 :D New a cam that has kinda good Quality :D (Want the best :P) These are the two main things :D Also needed GRPS EDGE Bluetooth :D etc etc ...
  13. sautrik

    14k budget >> Nokia 81 or Others. Pls suggest me.

    Hey friends i am planning to buy a new mobile next month. My budget is 14k and I am thinking of Nokia N81 2gig but, any suggestion will be well accepted. My requirements are : # Good Music player. # Good web browser. # good Battery Backup. # Multitasking. # Gaming. # Average Camera. looking...
  14. kerthivasan

    suggestion for downloading interesting things

    hi guys. i am in bsnl home 250 plan i got 600 mb to download so plz give ur suggestion to download interesting stuffs
  15. A

    Part time Testing work...

    HI i am working as a tester in Noida..and looking for some extra part time work in same field...any suggestion???:(
  16. T

    Suggestion for Printer & LCD Monitor

    I am planning to buy a printer. I earlier had a Epson C20SX and my experience had not been much good...with repeated ink clogging of head and expesive cartridges. I would mainly print docs but may optionally do photo printing. but my main criteria is low cost stuff. Like I hear that the...
  17. ravi_9793

    Need Suggestion and Review about my forum

    Friends......... Please review and and give me some suggestion about my new forum: I Have just completed I need your suggestions about different sections and category. I am planing to make it Indian tech and webmaster forum. I have planed to offer gifts for posting...
  18. krates

    Mobile under 5k !!!

    I am looking to buy myself a mobile under 5k please suggest me a good one currently i have shortlisted this one * This is a bid item that...
  19. A

    is nokia 2630 good as basic phone?

    what about battery life? any other suggestion? from sony ericsson?
  20. satyamy

    What do i need to set up spy cam or cctv cam ?

    I/My Friend has office, he want to setup a camera in Office so he can view outside activities from his cabin My Question is What do I need to setup a Cam and how much will it cost ? need some suggestion please ?
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