1. blackpearl

    Need IR remote control for PC

    Hello guys, help me out on this. I need an IR remote control for my PC, mainly for watching movies or listening to music. I looked online and found a few...
  2. JohnephSi

    Monitor suggestion

    pplz suggest me a monitor at a price range of 8k.
  3. P

    Best Netbook (Help)

    This Is my first thread to ThinkDigit forum . i m a regular reader of digit magazine .Recently i have read review about netbook and opting to go for it. I m getting this netbook for basic computing java and vb programming. I have sort out some of the NETBOOK from digit magzine and retailers...
  4. Cilus

    Overclocking Non BE AMD processors

    I think we need to have some thread for overclocking the Non BE processors For example Athlon II X4 and Phenom II 925 and 945. Please provide your valuable guidelines and suggestion for it.
  5. B

    SATA2 HDD compatible with 945GC motherboard?

    Hi, my brother's HDD has started going dead, so he is buying a new one ASAP. He has an Intel 945GC motherboard, so I am not sure if it will be compatible with a SATA2 HDD or not. If it will be compatible, are there any other compatibility performance issues he needs to keep in mind? I am...
  6. savithk

    Suggestion for UPS

    want to buy UPS for my Home Desktop PC ...any Suggestion......???? :lol: PC config AMD 2800+ 2GB RAM + nvidia 6200 AGP + 160 HDD
  7. Vensanga

    PC around 20k-25k

    My auntie plans to buy a PC around 20k-25k.can you suggest a good confi.. here's my suggestion.. Intel Core2duo Processor 2.8 Mainboard ??????? 1 gb RAM or 2 gb 500gb Sata or 320gb DVD writer LCD 19 monitor Without Spreaker, UPS and Grafixs.. Can u pliz tell me about the prizes and any good...
  8. Gigacore

    Suggestion needed for a budget PC

    Hello guys! I need a suggestion to buy these components for 13k Intel CPU Mother Board RAM HDD And also do guys have any idea about how much does a 17" CRT costs?
  9. A

    Inspirational/Motovating movies

    I very much like these kind of movies .. Some of them i like 1.All Rocky Balboa's collection 2.Lakshya 3.Iqbal Any more suggestion please ... :)
  10. Vensanga

    Phone to buy

    Well if the SE w902 is not available in India can u pliz suggest me a mobile phone that cost below 17k..and not the flip,twist,slide type..the looks shud be simple and smart and well built.. any suggestion pliz..
  11. A

    One more PC upgrade Thread (Tight Budget)

    Hi friends, I have budget of 10K to 12K to upgrade. My primary usage day to day normal use plus the ability of onboard gfx to play HD movies. An HDMI out is a definite plus. I am not an avid gamer so I won't upgrade to dedicated gfx card and no overclocking for me. I want the system to be...
  12. naveen_reloaded

    Need Suggestion For Storing Files

    Hi guys i got bb of 512 kbps and each day i am downloading 3-4 GB... and needless to say i am running out of space... please post in your suggestion on wht i can do to tacke the storage problem . shall i go for DVD , externla storage ... or any other things ...
  13. V


    Dear sir, I've a frnd wanted to purchase a brand new pc for his animation (economic price). Can you suggest me any configuration for long term and performing well machine. I say "AMD Opteron with ASUS m2n-vm hdm1" or "AMD 7200 Athelon with ASUS m2npv-vm" can you update your view on this...
  14. M

    The Power of Google Search Suggestion

    The Power of Google Search Suggestion :D
  15. R

    Need suggestion for cheap domain registration.

    Hello, To build a school website, i want to use Wordpress. I need your suggestion about where i could find cheap domain registration. Also could anyone please point me to where i can get free and reliable hosting where i can run Wordpress and cpanel?
  16. D

    help me selecting a lappy

    i wanna buy a lappy with d given speccification i) atleast 215 mb graphic gaming card ii) atleast 250 gb hard disk iii) atleast 3 gb of ram iv) first hand so i've chosen these lappy of choice 1. dell xps m1530 2. studio 15 3. hp dv 4 1133 tx 4. hp dv 5 1010 us please help me select any among...
  17. Dark Star

    Playing with Gimp 2.6

    Well I was playing with GIMP 2.6 and created some very minimal [Dell Red] type image.. Used few vectors and the text there [LFY] isn't a Font its GIMP 2.6 polygon selection tool Pour in your comments and suggestion.. Edit :It isn't yet complete will come up with a full blown HD wallpaper...
  18. MambaXL

    storage domain as a career , need feedback and suggestion

    Hi, I have 0~1 years of industry experience. I have an urge to jump into storage domain , and make a career into that field. So, I need any suggestion and feedback, and if any one can guide me ? I'll be more than happy. Thnx Anyway
  19. F

    Buying a new Mobo need suggestion

    hi guys im thinking of getting me a new mobo..and a procy a lil later on . basically its for gaming due to budget reason i wont be able to buy both proccy and mobo at the same time. i had the abit ip35-e mobo in mind and then my bro goes and gets into into his head that we should go for sli...
  20. K

    Help me for Creating new PC .

    Please help in creating the new PC . My Budget is Rs 40K-45K . I want a High end gaming PC with pretty nice configs. my expected PC is this: Quad core q6600 or q8200 anyone of them. 4(2x2) GB RAM Asus Radeon HD4850 Intel DP35DP mobo 500 GB HDD Seagate DVD RW Logitech keyBoard...
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