How to send/read sms though cell from PC

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Cyborg Agent
I have a k810i phone...which comes with a usb cable

i actually want to develop a program in vb or anything...jus to read the incoming sms messages of my phone to pc to be displayed in turn i also want to send sms back from px though mobile connected in usb port

i tried searching...i came to know abt AT commands.

How to use it as i have usb cable?

actually i want a communication between pc and my project board though GSM modem.

i send data though SMS and i want to atleast read the incoming sms into pc by usb cable or any other way(blutooth of laptop)

any help?:sad:

i tried Wammu and Gammu but of no help...i cant connect my mobile in win or ubuntu:-(



Broken In
Yes that's what synchronization means you get access of the phone contents like contact's and sms.
do you have PC suite? if not get an updated one
Try using "Floats Mobile Manager"


Cyborg Agent
ok i need to get them work for my application...any commandline way to do show in my program in dedicated window
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