1. M

    need help building htpc

    Hi friends, My pc configuration is 1. AMD Phenom - II X3 720 BE 2. Asus M4A78 EM 3. Transcend DDRII 800 MHZ 2GB X 3 4. Seagate 1TB harddisk...
  2. theserpent

    Small April Fool Pranks

    Guys tell some small april fool pranks to put on facebook
  3. dharmil007

    Small error in C implementing fCfS algo

    Small error in C implementing fCfS algo I m trying to implement fCfS Algo. The programm is not ful fledged complete. But the programm ends abruptly after the first input So pls can anyone help me whats wrong ? #include <stdio.h> int nopr,art[50],jt[50],start,wt[50],i,j,k,l,m; void fcfs () {...
  4. montsa007

    [Want to Buy] Nokia N93 - Ipad2 Wifi + 3G - Nokia 8800/8600

    Hello, Here is my small list. 1 - Nokia N93 in excellent condition Black Preferred (Cash Deposit/Bank Transfer/Check Deposit) 2 - Ipad 2 3G + Wifi 16/32 GB (Check Deposit/Bank Transfer/Trade for Dell Streak + Balance in cash/check) Bought a 64 Gig 3G + Wifi last night 3 - Nokia 8800 Sirroco...
  5. A

    Gaming Wheel

    I want to buy a gaming wheel for about 2.5k. I like the Zebronics 1000GW but couldnt figure out what type of shifter it has. Can anybody tell me?? Also what are the other choices at my budget??(Thrustmaster Universal Challenge is too small!!)
  6. ico

    A small demo of GNOME 3 Shell

  7. kartikoli

    Query about 5850

    i will game on 1900*xxx resolution when i get my 5850 [just going to finalize the deal] the question i want to ask is will it make any difference pairing it with my 785chipset mobo. [HD4250 IGP] or it will be just GPU powered my rig small discription dell 22' LED phenom 555BE [unlocked...
  8. mithun_mrg

    ASUS GTS 450 less than a year old

    Product Name: Asus GTS 450 1GB DDR5 Official Link-* Purchased on - December2010 Warranty Left- Carries 3Yrs so more than 2 yrs Reason for sale: Upgrade Location:Assam Price :Rs 4000+shipping(final price )...
  9. N

    Sony,Toshiba and Hitach small LCD panels units merger

    Times of India Thursday September 1 2011 Japan's Sony corp,Toshiba Corp and Hitachi Ltd. are all making losses in small LCD panels. Hence they decided to merge their Liquid crystal display operations.This merged unit will have $ 2.6 Billion of Japan government's funds to ward off its...
  10. patkim

    help needed buying netbook

    I am thinking of going for a Netbook. However wish to know if it supports external USB DVD RW drive & can msoffice be installed and run on netbook. Basic purpose is to use it for net, office apps like word/ppt etc and still keep it small size and easy to carry! Would be great to know any...
  11. S

    Mouse + Mousepad suggestion.

    Hey guys. I need to buy a mouse + mouse pad. Currently own a mx518. served me well.But, I can't palm grip it.I use claw grip. Hands are small ( small palm and long fingers, freaky as **** xD). I was thinking of getting kinzu because of the small size, so that I could even palm it when...
  12. saz

    Suggest small size cabinet

    Hi All, Suggest me a sleekest and cheapest cabinet for my old system that can accomodate the following components: Processor: Dual Core E2140 1.6GHz MotherBoard: Gigabyte 945GCMX-S2 RAM: 1GB DDR2 667 Mhz Hard Disk: 80 GB Segate SATA Actually I have posted this system in Bazaar...
  13. cute.bandar

    Need to buy a mini ups kind of thing

    Just want 10 minutes power backup for the router and modem. Something like this Want from a reliable company. If possible should be small form factor . Any advice ? where in delhi could I get one ? Thanks
  14. Techn0crat

    Need name of cs map.

    there is one small cs for 4-6 players.It has got ramps and only pistols are allowed.(weapons can't be bought). has many small walls too. can anyone tell me name or link for it? Thanks.
  15. azzu

    Disney to Release Android Smartphone

    You learn something new every day. Disney Mobile is a division of the entertainment giant that is currently a small network operator in Japan and they plan on releasing a phone under the Disney brand. Uploaded with Two-timing are we, Disney? The phone will be powered...
  16. K

    Need Advice : Digital Photo Frame

    I need help for buying a Digital Photo Frame Price Range : Rs. 3k - 5k The display size should be 9"(i.e., 5" X 7") basically not to small. Should have internal memory greater or equal to 1GB. Should have a Remote.
  17. Artemis

    My PC’s naked!!! Help me dress him!!!

    AMD Athlon II X4 630 - 4.4k Gigabyte GA 880GMA UD2H/MSI 880GMA E45 - 5.8k 2 GB DDR3 RAM (corsair/kingston) - 2.3k FSP Saga II 350w - 1.5k Seagate 1 TB - 3k DVD RW - 1k Samsung B2230 (G2220HD not available) Logitech 2.1 Speaker Z103 - 1.3k Logitech CL MK320 Desktop - 1.5k This is my...
  18. confused

    Anyone heard anything about or purchased anything from '20 North' before?

    Hi guys, been doing virtual window shopping the couple of days for an external hard disk, and I landed on this site. Their tag line is buy anything from India or something of that sort. Firstly, they're prices are comparable to that of Amazon's lowest. They even claim to send it as gift saving...
  19. A


    hi guys i wish to open a game parlour in city KHANNA - District Ludhiana Punjab. please suggest me will my idea work, what is the overall scenario these days of gaming parlors, i am planning to have 3 ps3 move, one nintendo wii and one xbox kinnect also let me know other options. i will go...
  20. coderunknown

    VirtualBox vs VMware Player vs MS Virtual PC

    i recently started using Ubuntu 10.4 LTS on my system using VirtualBox but the screen comes small at just half the monitor screen size. any idea how to increasing its size? its not too small but still a bigger size of the Ubuntu desktop will be helpful. also out of the 3 softwares, which one...
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