Mouse + Mousepad suggestion.


Hey guys. I need to buy a mouse + mouse pad.

Currently own a mx518. served me well.But, I can't palm grip it.I use claw grip. Hands are small ( small palm and long fingers, freaky as **** xD).

I was thinking of getting kinzu because of the small size, so that I could even palm it when needed.But I've heard it has positive acceleration built in it's sensor(?).

Need mostly for FPS games.Must be better than mx518 or there's really no point coz my mx518 works just fine.

I was going to buy the Deathadder but, the issue which bothers me the most is the grip... It looks a bit big, smaller than mx518 though. Though I've heard it tracks even if lifted from the surface, which is bad for me, Coz I often lift the mouse.

I'm a low sens, claw grip-wrist gamer. Play in a small area. ( I know, but I'm just used to lifting the mouse so often)

I've heard the CM storm is best for claw grippers? Is it good enough?

Btw, need a mousepad too.

TheITWares has Rantopads going for cheap, but I have no idea how good they are, compared to tested pads.

Goliathus or Qck?

Don't want to spend much on mouse pad, really don't see the point.

Woah, this is huge, but I've been as detailed as possible as per my needs.
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