ASUS GTS 450 less than a year old

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Product Name: Asus GTS 450 1GB DDR5
Official Link-

Purchased on - December2010

Warranty Left- Carries 3Yrs so more than 2 yrs

Reason for sale: Upgrade


Price :Rs 4000+shipping(final price )

nearest buyers will get the 1st preference

P9120407 (Small) by mithun_mrg, on Flickr

P9120410 (Small) by mithun_mrg, on Flickr

P9120409 (Small) by mithun_mrg, on Flickr

GPUZ by mithun_mrg, on Flickr

furmark by mithun_mrg, on Flickr
interested buyers please pm
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Having a Asus card mean you may have to deal with Rashi in future... That is very scary.....

Is is RMAed anytime... Are u reaady to negotiate on price..

Is is RMAed anytime... Are u reaady to negotiate on price..


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the prices are way too high i got one of these for my friend for 2500 for lamington rd in mumbai and i had 1.3 yrs warranty left :p


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yes buddy m sure even i had to check the card 10 time if it was 450 :p
he has also managed to have that thing overclocked to pretty decent speed


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@Tarun-Post here if you're interested, otherwise don't post here.Use PM for any recommendation about pricing.

Core Clock Speed(MHz) 783
Memory Clock Speed(MHz) 3608
Price-Rs 6.3K
+Zotac Geforce GTX 450
Core clock 810MHz
Memory Clock 3608 MHz
Price-Rs 7.5K

So the OP's price is pretty good.:) And direct CU is very cool.


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^^thanks tenida price further dropped anyway i will wait till 10th oct else i will get another 450 & sli
can you please provide me how much it would cost with shipping to mumbai? :grin:
i am interested...please hold it for me....waiting for your reply..!! :smile:

btw will be following PSU enough for this or i should buy new one !! :confused:
Enterage Power gold 3 PSU (pic attached & webiste url)

We welcome you an exhilarating experience with ENTERAGE

any suggestions guys !!

Btw will it be any good for BenQ 2420 hd that i am thinking to buy.....won't play games at full HD but lower resolutions may be 1440 x 900?
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