1. desai_amogh

    IEM under 1k with Soundmagic PL30 like design

    I have a problem, most IEMs don't fit my ears coz i believe my ear holes are smaller than usual (don't laugh plz :P). I used Soundmagic PL30 and found them gr8. They are prefect fit with small buds as they have a small area next to the buds which fits in the surface next tot he ear hole...
  2. harshilsharma63

    Need small tool to browse HDD when WIndows fails

    Recently, one of my neighborer's Windows went corrupt and he needed to copy some files urgently. His optial drve doesn't work so I thought of creating a bootable Ubuntu disk. 7z reported 59 min. as the completion time after 10 min, so I stopped. What I need is a small (As small as possible)...
  3. swatkats

    Small Traders Complain to CCI on Flipkart Etc. Fair Enough?

    Source:Price War: Retailers write to CCI; accuse e-tailers of predatory pricing - The Economic Times Dear Small Local Vendors, If you are jealous at Ecommerce Sites Product pricing and the Quantity they sell please follow the Ecommerce Model Route or Kiss my a*s
  4. CommanderShawnzer

    PC vs Console v2.0

    A new console generation,And a New Flame War..... This thread is to discuss about PC vs Next-Gen consoles(PS4,Xbone,Wii U) I'm gonna get a PS4,F**K the Master Race! Sorry for the small OP.I have my CS exam tomo so i have to revise.Will elaborate the OP tomorrow LET THE CARNAGE BEGIN!
  5. X

    Suggestion for Small laptop <12" 22K budget

    I need a small laptop / netbook less than 12 inches 22K budget What is must- Anti-reflective screen. As it will be mostly used out side in sun shine. Any suggestions?
  6. spironox

    Outdoor access points

    Hey people Did a search around and couldn't find a reliable solution for the OUTDOOR ACCESS POINTS questionnaire does any one has any ideas ?? need to change mine the RADMAX S. unit cover just got disintegrated (2001 make ) I have a small budget and mostly need the SU to connect to ISP...
  7. K

    Help with Dell s2240l! Urgent!

    I bought my new system today. the specs are: i5-2500 gigabyte hd 7850 dell s2240l 8gb corsair vengeance 550w psu the problem is, I connected it with hdmi, and I don't get a full screen at the monitor's native resolution(1920x1080). I set the scaling to 0% from catalyst, but still get...
  8. RCuber

    Age Group of TDF Gamers

    Just a small poll. let see who is the majority.
  9. S

    help me to create a Wifi network

    Hi , I want to share files between my tablet and desktop PC (has only BT , no wifi) . Want to share my PC's dial up/3G Dongle internet to my tablet. I need at least 20M wifi coverage. Which devices do I need? Tablet has wifi . If I use a small USB wifi Adapter , is it will be ok ...
  10. Jags

    Suggest 5.1 Speakers under/around 5k for small room

    Guys, Looking to purchase a 5.1 surround sound for a small room. Budget around Rs5,000. I want to connect this to my LCD. I know if I buy, say, creative inpsire then I will need to buy a connector to connect them to TV. I am ok with this if sound does not get hampered. Any suggestions...
  11. F

    Software Project Suggestions needed

    I am in 6th Semester of B.Tech(IT). I have to make a small scale project. Please suggest some good topics
  12. N

    Best Tablet for watching Videos

    I am planning to buy a tablet for watching videos. My budget is Rs 6000 but can go up if the quality is good. 7 inch will be small for me. So I am looking at 9 or 10 inch.
  13. A

    samsung 40eh6030 vs lg 42lm3410

    can anyone make a detail comparison between lg 42lm3410 and samsung 40eh6030. actually I liked the Samsung design and LG 3d picture quality. Else most of specifications are same. Please mention some details regarding small features like pip, time shift, 3d depth, audio out, etc
  14. V

    Where to BUY Electronics' Lab stuff like resisitors in New Delhi ?

    HeyoO ((^_^)) I was thinking of making some small electrical/electronic projects and doing some lab work for ..hmmm.. passing time :D But i don't have any proper idea about the shops to buy the stuff [like breadboard, multimeter, resistors, small transformers etc.] Can anyone please...
  15. doomgiver

    Idea for Computer graphics project (4th year, non-major)

    Im thinking of doing a comparision of the water-scene rendering techniques of the current game engines, and find a way to improve upon it. what do you guys say? can it be done by a single guy? in 1-2 months? nothing major, just a small project. Or do you guys have some other ideas that can be...
  16. zacfx05

    [For Sale] Dell 1540 15inch, 2gb, 320gbhdd

    1. *Model number and details:Dell Vostro 1540 Ci3/ 2GB/ 320GB/ Linux Laptop: Compare, Review Dell Notebook 2. *Date of purchase:Nov 2011 3. Reason for sale:upgrade 4. Warranty details:No 5. *Expected Price:22000 6. *Location of Seller:Kerala, Thrissur Preferred Courier: DTDC...
  17. P

    laptop buying advice

    hi, i need to buy gaming laptop for my younger brother. My budget is Rs.40000, i have decided to go for i5 wd 8gb ram. Since i am in small town and i have to buy it urgently kindly suggest what graphics card should i go to. Kindly do not suggest model only suggest graphics card, since i am...
  18. maverick786us

    Lumia 900

    When is Lumia 900 coming in local market? I don't like 800 because of small screen and lack of Front Facing Camera (FFC)
  19. T

    compatibility of Inverter with UPS

    Details : Now my sukam inverter has two modes UPS mode and W-UPS Mode ( Wide UPS mode) UPS mode output range - 185V ~270V ( as one can see very narrow operating voltage) W-UPS mode Output range - 115V ~295V ( Wide operating voltage- Good if power in your area, like my area, fluctuates )...
  20. Blue Ripazah

    LED lighting for cabinet

    ok guys i just got some stuff 1 rechargeable 4v battery 10 coloured leds (small ones) 5 white leds (a little brighter than small ones) 1 switch and wire can anybody help me making a circuit in order to make my cabinet glow
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