1. S

    Windows Vulnerability !

    Every system has a feature called DCom which is not at all used in our day today usual PC activities but is "ENABLED" by default in all windows systems. This feature is only used by software professionals for development purposes. Now, the prob is that HACKERS n VIRUS MAKERS have realised this...
  2. M

    video editor

    Can anyone suggest a freeware video editing software. I only want to do simple tasks like cutting portions, inserting and rejoining in popular formats, so a small and non-complicated tool will do. Whre can i find it. thnks to repliers in advance. manish
  3. C

    small aluminium foil(silver coating) on side of hdd came off

    guys....i bought a new seagate 120gb harddisk but on inserting the drive in the drive bay it was tight so i pushed a bit and the small aluminium foil(silver coating) on side of harddisk came of a i can slightly see a small hole. so i called the seagate guys and the told me the warranty...
  4. G

    how to put small blue color image under the name

    here in forum i have seen many of members are having small blue color image undeer name and above avatar ... how can i put it
  5. N

    HELP CD-RW Broke my cd into pieces!!!!!!

    HELP HELP!!!!!!!! URGENT Today I have put an EFY cd into my CD-RW to install a software I kept pressing the Shift Key to avoid the autorun suddenly there was a blast sound!!!!!! I switched of the system immediately. I slowly tried to open the cd tray. The cd was broken into many many...
  6. Ricky

    Small connection monitor ! What's the opinion.

    I am always looking for a small software which can tell the exact internet speed I am having. I came across RxTx32 a long time ago but felt that it gives wrong data but now feeling it was always right.. Kindly * Try to use it, it is so small and so handy...
  7. R

    vcd compression

    is there any software or codec which can convert(compress) the vcd file(.dat) into any other format which is small in size but doesnt compromise on quality. also i should be able to reconvert the file into its original format(.dat), so that i can make VCD from it. i hav some .avi videos which...
  8. bharathbala2003

    IE problem

    hey guys i dunno wat happ to IE but suddenly whenever i open any of my inbox(yahoo,msn,rediff,gmail) the fonts in the letters n other parts of the page bcome small and are difficult to read.. but in anyother page its fine.. :? can ny1 help me out???? :?:
  9. Q

    How 2Create a Bootable CD with 2 or more Live Linux Distros

    Hi All, There are many small Live CD Linux Distros available as ISO file which are to be burnt to CD and enjoyed. Eg.Knoppix [i know it itself occupies one CD] But there are Linux Distros Which Require just 20/50/60MB of Space. Why shall i waste multiple CD's on it. There are CD...
  10. S

    Command prompt in xp

    Hai friends I have one doubt. I need to feel my command prompt in windows xp look like ms-dos in win98. while working in cpp or c. the output looks text in small condensed format . i need to look like win98 . what is the settings. can anyone help me.
  11. Maverick340

    Small Tornets

    I was looking for a site that offers small torrent know less than 20 MB Also i wanted to know the one main differnce b/w P2p and Torrents Is it the Speed?cuz u find these files on P2P SOFTWARES TOO then y all the hype about Torrents?? Please explain
  12. R

    amd xp 2600 temprature ?

    hi all i got my xp2600+ running at 333. i have cpu temp around 50 (idle) 60-61 (loaded) . i guess this is very high as my cpu is running at stock speeds. i always keep my cabnet open (both side panels are off) as my cabinet was small i also pulled out the smps and placed it outside on top...
  13. H

    Help needed from Java geek

    this ones related to JAVA programming. how in Java we can compare to strings. I am making a small program in which i want to compare two strings. please help.
  14. S


    anybody just help :cry: me i've just accidently deleted a registry key in \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Inter net Setting ( :?: not too sure this key caused the problem) due to which when i try to see any help file or open microsoft online help the...
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