1. V

    How to improve my GRE Score

    Can anyone provide me the info to increase my GRE score? Whether it is possible to increase it after my graduation simply?
  2. ithehappy

    I can't download the torrents I used to download

    Since moving to a cable based broadband I can't download the same torrents I used to with BSNL without any problems. I can't mention which those are but whatever. For some torrents the download won't even start, for some it does, but the speed is less of a quarter of my bandwith! I have tried...
  3. Cool Buddy

    Query about ACT Broadband in Chennai

    I live in Chennai and want to take ACT broadband connection. I have 2 questions: Are there any viable alternatives (cable broadband, not ADSL) that are cheaper than ACT? If I take an ACT connection, will I be able to simply connect it to a TP-LINK Router like I could do with Wishnet in Kolkata?
  4. Alok

    Gameplay & concept art from Alan Wake 2 (UNRELEASED)

    * Introducing the Alan Wake 2 you will never play | Polygon
  5. E

    Android Phone with TV Output

    Hi, I am looking for a Android phone which has TV out feature (not wireless and not HDMI). In my current iPhone 3GS, I can simply plug a cable it and the TV and see movies directly. Any suggestions ? Thanks!
  6. vickybat

    Titan 3-way sli tested & delivers blistering prformance

    That's right guys. Nothing beats a Titan 3 way sli even at the highest resolutions. It simply killed a 7970 ghz edition 3 way crossfire. Crossfire has some serious issues with 3 way config with tons of stuttering problems. Even it got beaten by a 680 3 way sli. There were instances where...
  7. A

    DVD won't play

    I bought the DVD of Life of Pi recently, but when I put it in the laptop, it simply won't play. I've tried running it on another laptop with the same results. One has windows 7 and the other vista. On both, the cursor just keeps on refreshing for a while with the "reading DVD" symbol, and then...
  8. H

    Any User of New Dell Inspiron 15R

    Has anyone bought the new Dell Inspiron 15R with IB processor? not the special edition but simply 15R.
  9. cacklebolt

    Lava Xolo X900

    Simply putting it, HOW IS THE DAMN PHONE???
  10. yomanabhi

    "Just Causes" Issuses....

    Hey guys, I was playin Just Cause 1 (2006 game).... I got problem Cutscene isn't working.....I completed 20% game, I didn't saw a single cutscene When i go to get mission i get mission simply without any cutscene..same goes while end of any mission.. Plz Help me guys:???::!: C'mon...
  11. The Conqueror


    There's a good reason why IITs are not world class. That's simply because they reserve 50% of their seats for underprivileged. While Harvard/Yale or other world class institutions look for the best brains with matching aptitude unlike JEE where they filter talent on the basis of PCM. Why...
  12. The Conqueror

    Face Recognition Software

    FastAccess was bundled with my new Logitech HD Webcam, and it is simply superb. Are there any more softwares at par with FastAccess?
  13. Y

    Google Nexus S: 16 tips and tricks

    Here's a round up of the secrets and tips you'll need to know to get the most out of your latest gadget, so read on to go from Android amateur to Nexus know-it-all. 1. Reclaim the comma One of the first irritations you'll encounter with the Google Nexus S is the lack of a comma - the...
  14. icekid

    Twitter for iPhone

    it's finally out * The worlds best twitter app for iPhone tweetie is not Twitter For iPhone and it's free. Twitter announced a month ago that it had about Tweetie...
  15. ico

    Teeworlds - Jumping the gun

    A retro multiplayer shooter Teeworlds is a free online multiplayer game, available for all major operating systems. Battle with up to 16 players in a variety of game modes, including Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag. You can even design your own maps! Basically, it's a 2D sidescrolling...
  16. Krazzy Warrior

    Howzat - Online Cricket Game

    * The World's Only Free Multiplayer Cricket Game. Real Cricket Action In Your Browser. You can play with your Facebook Account or can simply Join There! Great Game! 19 Batting Shots! Advanced Bowling Option! Over 2000 Fans! Anyone Playing??
  17. M

    {BEWARE}message from 55352 -most for bsnl customers-Read

    Dear all, a messages from me that as a subscriber of the bsnl, recently i am getting a mesage from no 55352, it contain a messgage so: "Feeling lonely, make friends with beautifull girls and chat with them, SMS GF to 55352, Charges Rs.2/SMS" please dont try this, coz they are simply to...
  18. NewsBytes

    Intex jumps into the netbook game

     Just as we report that desktop and laptop PC sales have declined considerably in the last year while netbooks have been immune to this drop, Intex Technologies has launched its own entry into the segment. Say hello to the confusingly named "Intex N101-WC1100". Hopefully, this will be the only...
  19. G

    Have you earned money from internet?

    Internet is a virtual world having magnitudes of possibilities and opportunities.But Any one of you have found any job or money earning opportunity simply surfing or remaining on the net.Please share your secrets and experiences.
  20. rosemolr

    Please Help me With some genuine online jobs

    Dear Friends, I'am a a regular user of internet.i used spend a minimum of 5 hours per day.but all these are for simply gaming and orkuting and messenger.but i think try some online jobs now..i just googled for some online job..but all of them are simply fake and asking for...
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