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A retro multiplayer shooter

Teeworlds is a free online multiplayer game, available for all major operating systems. Battle with up to 16 players in a variety of game modes, including Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag. You can even design your own maps!

Basically, it's a 2D sidescrolling shooter. The game is very easy to host and only 5MB in size. The great thing is that it is open-source and cross-platform. :)

It isn't as easy as you might be thinking.

Downloads said:

Server = srv.fosspowered.com

[Tutorial] Movements

[Tutorial] Host a server -
[SERVER] Complete guide
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Myself and ico played this game for 1/2 hour just now. And I gotta tell you that the game is really awesome. If you guys can make up.. we can play all together. It won't need lot of pings either.


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Give me a time. I'll host a server for you all.
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Calling members to play "Teeworlds". Low in size but High on Fun!

Calling all TDF members to play Teeworld on the Server hosted by LFC_Fan. The game is just around 7 MB in size, is cross platform and highly addictive.


Download link: Teeworlds

Server to connect after you start the game: srv.fosspowered.com. Copy paste doesn't work, so you will have to memorize it! ;)

Timings: Usually in evening. Goto the following IRC to meet me (Vyom) or Cyber_Rock, to communicate further.

IRC: freenode Web IRC (qwebirc)
Enter nick captcha and connect.


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