Wanna Buy a Simple Camera......Pls help..........

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Alive Again...
Pls reply fast
Im going outof town tommorrow
so wanna buy a good & simple camera which can take photo in any way
(by Kodak Roll, memory card, paper printout or any ways)
my budget is just 1-2k
Pls suggest wht do u go for
Should i go for a Simple Kodak camera
or do i got for a low budget Digi Cam
if digi cam than pls tell me some good cam u know
Pls help...........?

& 1 more thing it should take atleast 30 pics as like kodak roll can take


In the zone
i would suggest you to log in to www.ebay.in where u can get digi-cams within ur budget... but as u r going tomorrow...i dont think tht would be a good idea.... i suggest u to raise ur budget a little more and u can get a digi camera of 1-2 mp.... however u will have to buy a memory card for tht coz inbuilt memory is not enough in those cams... try not to buy the ones which have rechargeable L-ion battery... they get wornout soon in just 2-3 photographs... batteries should be AA or AAA ...so tht u can buy rechargeable AAs and AAAs and keep them at ur pace


In 1-2K you will get only horrible DigiCams. Please don't even think about them. I would suggest a Kodak KB10 (or any newer replacement) which is just a plain point and shoot camera. I used a KB10 before buying a DigiCam. But KB10 is a pretty sturdy camera and gives decent results!

There was one more model of Kodak which was a little more expensive and had automatic roll progress. In KB10 its manual. I will still prefer KB10 for 2 reasons:

1. Its cheaper and its not a hugh effort to manually move the roll forward just with a finger. It just takes a couple of seconds.
2. Lesser the automatic moving parts, lesser the chances of it getting spoilt.
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