1. Rupesh Sengar

    what is forum signature?

    Can anyone please tell me, what is forum signature?
  2. Arnab boss

    how abt a 4tb hdd in my current rig...

    hi friends,i am planning to add a 4 tb hdd on my current it will affect the it is a gaming rig and most of the games i play is high graphics and huge space required.... my rig specs r in my signature...i already hav 5 tb in my current rig.....wd or seagate only as i...
  3. A

    PSU for HD6870? Need suggestions.

    Guys, my silverstone 500W PSU has gone kaput. Need to buy a new one for around 3k. Was thinking of buying this one Buy Online Antec VP500PC 500W Power Supply in India cost is 2.5k. How is this PSU? Would you recommend any other PSU(better?) in this price range? PC config is in the...
  4. P

    Laughter/LOL Threads Here!

    I just joined this forum,i was browsing old threads just for fun and i came up with some really Phail People I guess There needs to be a thread to index and preserve historical movements So POST all such stuff here THIS S*XY Made a Thread To Say "Hi" and Had a BoyFriend But left due to lack of...
  5. S

    UPS Required

    Hi Everyone, I have a Numeric UPS 600 V A and it stopped working properly. My configuration is already given in my signature. Can you suggest a UPS which I can get?
  6. V

    Suggest me a UPS

    I need a new UPS. Which do you think is trustworthy, cost-efficient & hassle-free during the time of support? My config is in my signature.
  7. T

    New HDD required.

    Purpose - Media Storage such as HD Movies, Songs, Other Video files. Capacity Required - 2 TB or more Budget - Rs. 7500 My PC Config is in the Signature. Kindly recommend. Currently Split between Seagate baracuda & WD Green.
  8. Charley

    Adding Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter to Gmail Signature

    I read through many google links, and followed it, but my signature shows the link and the image next to the other. Why ?
  9. T

    The Upgrade bug is back

    Alright Basically I don't really need to upgrade the PC but every 1-2 years I get this upgrade bug infection and I spend extra funds :-D ps: Basically I am gamer. Play like SC2, Warhammer 40k etc & other RTS games. So I have like 20-25k budget. My Config is in the Signature. Which...
  10. R

    GTX770 replacing Sapphire 7870?

    Is it a good idea to sell my 1 yr old 7870 and buy a 770?? My current config is in my signature.
  11. R

    Need new UPS for my PC

    Need a new UPS which can make sure my CPU,modem and monitor does not restart when power cuts also I need to safeguard my gpu cuz i cannot RMA it in INDIA. PC config- (Check my Signature for more details) PSU-cx500v2 i5 3470 amd sapphire 7950 monitor-Dell s2240l modem-belkin n300 Thank You
  12. debarshi

    Balanced IEM within 2k

    Hello, I've used SoundMagic ES18 (had build quality issues), Creative EP-630 (which unfortunately, I lost, forcing me to consider upgrading to a new one :P ), and Sony MDREX110LP. I was the most impressed with ES18, after burn-in, and Sony was probably the worst of the lot. The Creative had...
  13. heartripple

    [Want to Buy] UPS fro my system

    hello guys..... my old ups wipro 600VA is giving me so much problems...... so i think its time to buy a new one ...... Suggest a good ups for me according to my system configuration which should give me 15 minutes of back up ..... my current systems is in my signature
  14. C

    need in-ear... budget 3k

    i got momentum on-ear recently.. i want in-ear for travelling, biking, runnning i sweat a lot.. so looking for sports one... i can extend my budget a bit... not fixed to few genres... not a fan of neutral signature... i like a little bassy without bloat... i love low-end... i nedd good noise...
  15. C

    Does digital signature is violated when two pdfs are joined ?

    I have two pdf files (form 16 - part a and part b) which was given to me by company. If I join them by any means, will that violate the digital signature (same in the two files) ? Please help.
  16. L

    Need of signature

    I wanted some animated gif images that I can make my signature or dp on forums. Can someone provide me some good ones. Anything related to Liverpool F.C. will be given preference.
  17. rajatGod512

    High CPU Temps !!!

    Hi! Friends. From past many months my cpu temps have been quite high about 55-60 c at idle . The CPU is not overclocked and running at stock speed with the stock cooler . Even just after starting my computer when i open SpeedFan I get high temps , but in the bios when I see the temps are quite...
  18. M

    Usb 3.0 upgrade

    Hi guys i wanted to upgrade to usb 3.0 So please suggest some good reliable and low cost cards. Need more ports as i am already running out of usb 2.0 as i heard that usb 3.0 is backward compatible. Spec you can see my signature. I finally gone to VIA VL 800 based 4 port card from US. Hope...
  19. socrates

    Nokia offering $10,000 for remixing their signature tune

    First Facebook started by offering a prize for finding bugs, now Nokia :D Nokia offering $10,000 for remixing their signature tune A cool way of getting others to do your work all in the name of getting your customers involved. :)
  20. IronCruz

    Monitor needed!

    Hello guys. I am planning to buy a monitor. My needs are lcd or led for mid gaming and multimedia.My system config is in my signature. My budget is under 5k. At max by selling my current monitor 6k.
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