1. maddy_in65

    Ubuntu 8.10 Installation Problem

    I have Dell 1525 laptop and it has 2 partition C 120GB and D 40GB with vista installed on C. When i tried to install Ubuntu, it shows 100% blank Disk and it wasnt detect C and D drive, i tried to partition it during installation by selecting manual partition. I created 40GB for ubuntu and click...
  2. M

    Please Help Me

    in the morning...somebody gave me some file to install in the system...(something called GMAIL PHRACKSTER)...after installing it... everything from my desktop vanished along with quick launch icons. however, the hard disk shows that every data is in its place but when i try to search it, i don't...
  3. gauravsuneja

    help urgently

    my pc when it starts for the first time i shows white pinkish screen with some colored vertical lines .there is no beep other than the default beep .when i take out the monitor cable attached to the cpu and then insert then it comes to life and shows bios screen .previously it was happening even...
  4. S

    startup trouble

    hey guys, have any solution for this missing slyiyaib.dll message, which shows up at startup.. .
  5. unni

    Unable to Run or Debug Progam in NetBeans C++

    I have this strange problem with NetBeans. Whenever I try to run or debug any program from NetBeans, Konsole shows the error In the 'Output' window, it shows 'Build successful. Exit value 0.'. I faced this issue in KUbuntu 8.04 with NetBeans 6.1 and now in KUbuntu 8.10 with NetBeans 6.5. Don't...
  6. windchimes

    Suggest some Good English TV shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    Guys, I am not much into watching TV shows. But I do remember watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (I like Will Smith) years back. Are there any good English TV shows -sitcoms that are worth watching other than these names..?? Any recommendations
  7. S

    cannot find the script file

    i have an error message ,every time i double click my in local disk its shows a message that cannot find the script file "g:\protect file.vbs",
  8. R

    Black Bands in movies?

    Hello Members.! I know that its due to some resolution problem we see bands appearing in the top as well as bottom in our normal television. Can someone explain me why is this and why even a FullHD LCD TV(1080p) too shows these bands while viewing some TV channels and videos. Also tell me why...
  9. A

    how to searcd effectively in vista ultimate

    hi guys i have vista ultimate..when ever i search any file from its search bar it didnt shows up like i search for mp3 file which was in e drive and it didnt shows any result even in advance to solve this
  10. S

    How to delete undeletable files and folders

    Friends i have folder...when i try to delete it its shows the following error...and its not deleted... Pls help...
  11. Psychosocial

    Television --> Just a wastage of time.

    Back some time.... TV used to be one hell of a passtime and sometimes even addiction. I used to watch TV for 4-5hrs. but now, I just find it boring and dull with sooo many ads that I hardly watch half an hour and that too while lunch or dinner. The only shows worth watching are sports matches...
  12. R

    Help with my new System

    My new system is up and running but i need some help. -MSI's Dual Core center shows CPU temp @ 43c,is that normal? -ATI Catalyst Center shows 0c!? -My screen flickers at times with red patches when switched on and then gets back to normal -What should be my screens refresh rate? -I have set the...
  13. R

    HDD problem!

    i recently got a WD750GB AYPS hard drive as a replacement for my 640GB WD hard drive wich crashed in a month. but again when i run WD Diagnostics tests on this drive it shows it's faulty.what should i do? any soft which can tell whether this one is good or not?
  14. S

    Help Me To Install Vista Please

    My Configration- 1 Gb Ram 80 Gb Harddisk(not Sata) Dual Core 1.4 Asus P5vd2-vm Se Board My Problem- When I Boot From Vista Ultimate Dvd...(i Tried All My Atleast 7 Dvd's Of Vista But Same Problem Occured) When I Boot From Vista Ultimate It Shows Press Any Key..i Enter A Key ...after It...
  15. Zangetsu

    Motherboard BIOS is Dead...

    :cry: Guys.what shud i do now...yesterday while working the electricity went off suddenly & after when it came back the PC was not booting.... it just gives the normal beep & shows a static black screen (POST) dats it....:mad: Will i be able 2 recover its BIOS...or not ? the screen shows the...
  16. skippednote

    Boot entry problem..?

    Guy i'm messed up with getting both Xp and vista working at the same time. Earlier i was able to do it with easybcd but now when ever i try it Xp shows ntdler missing. To get Xp running i have to use uninstall mbr to Xp. The process becomes hectic when i have to switch between os's...
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