1. Vyom

    Watch TV from 1970 to 1999 and also Toonami cartoons

    So while browsing Reddit, I came over sites where streaming of old decade TV shows is done in fake real time. It's amazing! For 70s, 80s and 90s shows: My Decade TV! For Toonami Cartoon Network cartoons: * I just had an hour of surreal nostalgia trip! Since I...
  2. B

    Subtitles website for TV shows

    Hi Friends, Is there any good website which has subtitles of TV shows? I am looking for subtitles of Big Little Lies and S05 of Prison Break. Thanks
  3. quicky008

    PC randomly displays BIOS error on startup-what to do?

    I have an i5 based system that's roughly 5 years old at this point.It has been working well thus far,but of late sometimes when i turn it on it shows error messages related to the bios such as "New cpu detected-press F1 to enter bios setup"(even though the same old cpu is being used and no new...
  4. S

    com.sts in android 4.1.2

    I've i ball andi 4.5 d royale previousely my antivirus is cm security, but now I turned to 360 security. After checking for virus scan it shows com.sts vulnerablity Which indicates it need to "Force stop" But I don't know what is com.sts Do i STOP IT OR NOT. Is it a malware???
  5. Pasapa

    Ubisoft downgrades

    Now, we all know that Ubisoft downgrades their games after the initial trailer releases. Here's a video that shows how much they do it.Sit back and enjoy *
  6. D

    Is BSNL EVDO service stopped?

    I am not getting any network here in Kolkata. So i inquired their office they said EVDO service stopped from 31.03.2016. Also there website shows it. Is this service permanently stopped?
  7. A

    Install android 5 on moto g 2nd gen

    Hey guys I have a moto g 2nd gen mobile (XT1079). It came with android 5 lollipop which was upgraded to android 6 marshmallow by motorola update in february this year. Now I am facing some problems on my phone like it is not connecting to my wifi network (not even detecting it while other...
  8. tamatarpakoda

    Forgot your iPhone password? Ask Siri for it!

    While Apple and the FBI fight it out in the courts over iPhone's encryption policy, a young lad shows the world a much easier way into getting a locked iPhone's password. Source: TheLadBible
  9. M

    LAN shows not connected but internet still works

    I have been having strange problem for some time: I have Airtel broadband linked through my TP-Link W8968 Modem/Router. From past few days I am getting Yellow exclamation mark on my network icon and it shows "Not Connected - No connections are available". Inspite of this I am able to surf the...
  10. kg11sgbg

    Root access blocked in Android 5.1.1,how to resolve to gain it?

    My latest Datamini TWG10 (2-in-1) hybrid tablet/nettop,has Dual OS pre-installed by the manufacturer Datamini. Windows 10 + Android-5.1.1 Both are running and functioning excellent. In case of Android Lollipop(5.1.1),it is already rooted,but "su" shows as Root no root access , while it is...
  11. S

    PC and Android file sharing - Help needed

    I am using BSNL BB. My modem is TP-Link w8968. PC is connected via Ethernet. I want to enable the android devices to access the shared files of the PC through Wi-Fi. I am able to share files between two PCs through Ethernet, but to android through Wi-Fi is not working well. I tried to use...
  12. R

    How to record programs from TV to Laptop

    Hi Please suggest me a way to record TV shows onto laptop Thanks
  13. B

    want to buy a 24" monitor confused btw two need help

    i want to buy a full hd monitor. i found these two. Benq 24" EW2440L Widescreen Full HD LED Backlit LCD Monitor 3 YRS Warranty | eBay Samsung LS24E390HL XL 24" LED Monitor With Hdmi 3 YRS Onsite Warranty | eBay both the prices are similar. both are full hd. which one should i buy..? i...
  14. N

    Screen is blank after Booting of the PC

    Dear Friends, I have Dell 23 Inch Monitor Flat Panel Display, I have CPU Config as follows : Inter Processor I3, H81 Mobo Gigabyte, 4 GB Ram, 550 W SMPS Coolermaster, and 2 HDD of 02TB Each , lately after stating my PC display shows the Boot screen options first than the Windows Icon...
  15. jackal_79

    Good Old Indian Television!

    I know that there is already a thread for TV shows. But most of the discussions are about US TV shows. Haven't seen an indian show mentioned. Understandable, given the current state of affairs of our indian channels (regional & National). Almost every channel is filled with either reality shows...
  16. seamon

    Am I in England?

    There's something wrong with my BSNL connection these days as my location shifts to England. When I am chatting with my friend on FB, it shows that I am in England. When I google search anything(like a cell phone), it shows price in punds. LOL HELP!
  17. ramakanta

    How to Watch the recorded program from Dish TV+ on PC

    I has recorded TV shows on my Dish TV+ using USB drive and i wants to watch that shows on my PC but when I am using that PEN Drive on pc , it is giving the Message of format disk . Any idea how to Play recorded file in PC . Please help me . Thank you.
  18. J

    Power amp and foobar issue

    Hi, I have ripped CDs using poweramp to FLAC. I have manually named tracks as per song wordings. But when I try to play it in foobar or any other media player, it does not show title of track and instead it shows only track no. It becomes very difficult to choose songs. How to rectify this...
  19. Inceptionist

    HDD shows up in BIOS but not in Windows.

    I've got friend's PC for the purpose of checking what's wrong with it. So I cleaned it and ran Memtest on RAM first, no issues with that. Then I scanned the HDD (Seagate Barracuda 500 GB) for issues with UBCD. It gave me no errors. But the problem is that it is not detected by Windows. It...
  20. Charley

    Adding Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter to Gmail Signature

    I read through many google links, and followed it, but my signature shows the link and the image next to the other. Why ?
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