1. rohitshakti2

    Monitor donor start and KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Error

    Hi friends, I have a quad core amd with 4gb corsair single stick ram, corsair smps, Dell 21" monitor. While working on my PC, it hanged. I tried to reboot it but it showed KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Error in Windows 10. As I was unable to find its DVD at home, I thought I should recheck...
  2. M

    Laptop problem | No display sometimes distorted display

    Hi guys. I have a Lenovo Laptop G510 (i5 4200M, 4 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, 2GB AMD Radeon 8570 graphics) yesterday, I shut my laptop down @around 4:00 am.(so, technically, today) when I tried to start my laptop today, first it showed no display, then on the second try, it showed the Lenovo logo...
  3. Cyberghost


    Developer : IO Interactive Publisher : Square Enix Release : December 8, 2015 Platforms : PS4, Xbox One, PC The Full Experience gives you everything in HITMAN. You will have access to all locations, all live content, Contracts Mode and additional game updates. Upon release players have...
  4. TheFallenLord

    Is my RAM faulty?

    Today morning I started up my PC and after around 1/2 hr of usage it abruptly shut down itself and a BSOD showed up for just about 1 sec and then it restarted. It happened again after about 20 min of usage and this time I noticed something like MEMORY_MANAGEMENT or something similar as the title...
  5. A

    weird phone behavior , pls help !!!

    Hi all, I have a samsung galaxy s advance bought in Aug 2012 All of a sudden my phone has started to behave werirdly. I had kept my phone for charging overnight but the next day morning it showed that there was no charge.I tried plugging it again and again in different electcrical sockets...
  6. P


    To The Digit Team, Hi,This is my 1st post to you.I have a 2gb Sandisk Micro SD card.It was working properly till I found that it is not showing up in the mobile.I tried to connect it to my laptop by the reader.The card showed on my laptop but Windows showed me a message...
  7. ratul

    Positive Experience - Delhi - HTC Wildfire S

    URL: HTC Wildfire S Price in India | A510e Specifications, Features and Reviews Date of Purchase: Last year. Pin Code: 110092 Courier: Can't Remember. :( The experience was good, was shopping with them for the first time, so was a bit hesitant in ordering the phone, site showed under 48hrs...
  8. prehistoricgamer

    OCing Core 2 Duo E7500

    Im trying to OC the processor of my 4 years old HCL branded PC.It has a Woldale Core 2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GH with 250W PSU. The mobo is Gigabyte G31M - ES2L. First when I tried 11 x 366, the OS crashed with a BSOD. So i lowered it to 11 x 300 with a bit of variation in CPU voltage which gave...
  9. Xai

    New Headset (Gaming) Suggestion

    Hi, I plan to buy a new headset, mainly for Gaming (mostly while on Skype, Ventrilo etc) and Movies. Budget is around 1.5-2K, but may extend a bit. How is Logitech G130? The store showed me another headset from Sennheiser PC 300 series worth around Rs 3500-ish. I don't quite remember which...
  10. sagarsoni

    ATI Radeon HD 7670m showing as Intel HD Grapics 3000 - HP Paviion G6-2206TX

    i have recently bought HP Pavilion G6-2206TX. it has 2gb ATI/AMD Radeon HD 7670M. but when i checked my compatibility of GTA 4, it showed "not compatible". also it showed my graphics card as Intel HD Graphics 3000. here is that screenshot: please help me. i purchased laptop for radeon 7670m...
  11. A

    RAM frequency

    frnd i recently purchased the dell inspiron 15r se ....which was supposed to hv a 4gb ram with 1600MHZ(accourding to dell official site) ....but when i ran geekbench...i was surprised to see the score as it showed 4gb ram with 799MHz...can any1 tell me y is it so?? pls frndz reply ...
  12. Jaskanwar Singh

    Fed up with bsnl!!

    hello everyone, i use a bsnl 620 home UL. i face problem of random disconnections. i have complained 50 times i think. they came and changed main wire, didn't work. after that used a machine which showed errors in line. they fixed that too. still problem doesn't go. u guys have any idea of...
  13. A

    Hard disk problem

    Yesterday i started my pc and it did as normal but next day when i started, it showed the screen [ATTACHED] and did not proceed further for half an hour. then i did RESET from cabinet after that it showed a black screen and it had written that WINDOWS IS UNABLE TO ACCESS (some...
  14. sukesh1090

    Hard disk bad sectors.

    guys today i ran ubuntu 11.04 live cd and checked my samsung spinpoint F3(HD 103SJ) 1 TB is showing some bad sectors in it.gpart showed that there are about 607 bad sectors in one is it possible to recover those sectors?if yes then how? thank you.
  15. Blue Ripazah

    what is the problem???

    hi i inserted a DVD in the drive and then suddenly the computer freeze and it showed this message ...i don't why is this saying as hardware failure moreover after the restart it didn't showed DVD drive ...i opened the case and inserted the power cable again...please help me i am having a Sony...
  16. crazylamhe

    .BIN extensions

    I have many videos in .BIN format. However, Windows Media, VLC, KMPlayer all show error messages. I googled it, but most of the results showed that VLC should play it. I have even used third-party software to convert the files, but they refused . :( Plz. Help
  17. ash2win

    seagate external hard disk problem...pls help.

    I own seagate 500gb expansion portable hard disk for last 6 3 months. suddenly it showed problems while copying.then when i showed RAW error.then i tried to format it in showed cant format error. then i tried it in ubuntu.The DISK UTILITY showed DISK FAILURE IS IMMINENT in...
  18. A

    No software installs No OS installs!!! Help

    Hey all I bought my system 3 years ago it has a P4 3 GHz processor, 2 gb ram 1tb hdd. A few months ago i started experiencing a problem that any software that was bigger than 50mb in size won't install. It showed some or the other file of the setup is corrupted(every time it showed a different...
  19. mohityadavx

    [Solved] Can't install windows

    Hi! My frnd lappy got corrupted recently at startup it showed Bootloader missing . He is having Windows 7 So i made a system repair disc and started the automatic startup repair but now it showed can't save startup changes. All this made me angry so i decided to have a complete...
  20. raksrules

    Hitachi RMA in Mumbai

    I have a toshiba laptop, 2.5 years old. It has a hitachi 160 GB hdd. I used hd tune pro and it showed me quiet a lot of bad sectors. Also there was some other hdd health check tool that said that my hdd health was critical. I checked using the above mentioned tools after I ran the belarc...
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