Monitor donor start and KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Error


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Hi friends,

I have a quad core amd with 4gb corsair single stick ram, corsair smps, Dell 21" monitor.

While working on my PC, it hanged. I tried to reboot it but it showed KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Error in Windows 10. As I was unable to find its DVD at home, I thought I should recheck the wiring and ram. But after reinserting the ram it showed same error, then I refitted all wires. This time when I started the PC, it showed memory management error. I reset the ram but then the monitor did not started even though I tried many times.

Pls help



This error can be cause by many things ranging from bad RAM to faulty device drivers to even antivirus (McAfee) casuing problems.

It usually says

"kmode_exception_not_handled netio.sys"
"kmode_exception_not_handled ntfs.sys"

etc. depending on which part of windows caused the error.

Can you be more specific or post a screenshot?

Try using another stick of ram borrow if possible and test. :serious_NF:


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If its the only time it showed error then its nothing as Windows works in awkward and mysterious ways. It usually likes to flash these things at users even when everything is in place. If however, this problem is persistent then you might want to reinstall Win or try restoring it to previous image.
If software section doesn't help them try overall cleaning of your PC.

It usually occurs due to some hardware failure or bad hardware driver.
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