weird phone behavior , pls help !!!


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Hi all,

I have a samsung galaxy s advance bought in Aug 2012

All of a sudden my phone has started to behave werirdly.
I had kept my phone for charging overnight but the next day morning it showed that there was no charge.I tried plugging it again and again in different electcrical sockets but it was not charging. I connect it to my computer through usb thinking that the power adaptor could be the issue but there too it was not charging. I switched off and switched on and phone and connected to powersupply through adaptor and it started to charge and it showed 100% charge within half an hour. In the evening, by around 5:00 it started to beep that there was no charge. I switched it off and took it home. Again it was not charging, I replaced the battery and it showed as charging. But one thing I noticed was that sometimes when it was charging, the screen was kind of wavering when I use it while charging. I tried to switch it off but it was only restarting!!! I thought that this was because, I had installed a clean master app and this could have terminated some important apps/process. So I uninstalled it, but still it had the issue of restarting when I tried to swtich it off. Finally I did a hard reset and restored factory settings, lost all recent data :(. I charged it and it looked as though it was fine. But the next day morning, without me using it, it started to beep that the battery was low.Again I charge it and within 1 hr the battery showed as charged. After removing the charged phone from the charger, it showed as 100% charge for 6 hrs and then suddenly it started to beep that there was no charge. Even now also when I charge the phone, the screen is Still showing the wavering lines sometimes and still it restarts when i try to switch it off.I did not put the phone in water or anything like that. When I open kies on my desktop to connect to the device, it is not recognizing that I have connected my device.


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I think you have a battery issue but i am not sure about screen wavering issue better take it to service center.


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Ok thanks...will be taking to service center. I really hope it is nothing serious. I am regretting upgrading to jelly bean - a lot of restarts, hard resets have taken place since then.I wonder if the service center will downgrade to ginger bread or even a custom rom of kitkat
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