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Hi Guys,

My friend is publishing a magazine in his village. He used to type the magazine at his home in Pagemaker 7 or Quark Express 4.0 on a pc with win XP, then convert the pages to Jpeg and then get the print outs in tracing/butter paper before it is published on magazine paper. Now the printing shop from his village has been closed. He took the jpegs to a new shop and he is facing sizing issues as in the print sizes are different than the sizes in Pagemaker or Quark. In the printing shop the Jpegs size changes from that of the sizes in Pagemaker or Quark. The shop has win 7 so Pagemaker 7 and Quark Express 4.0 does not not work flawlessy. It always shows some errors like missing fonts or plugin errors etc. Even Photoshop CS3 does not work fine in the printing shop. What should we do to give the Jpegs a size that we want like say 16*25 or sometimes 18*28 etc. Here is a sample of the converted Jpegs in low-res.



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