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Hi guys!!
I am a great fan of your magazine. Thank you for all the time and effort you give to make your magazine, no.1 in India.
I am in a little confusion, so I thought I would consult the tech gurus themselves.
Here are my questions,
1. What are the requirements to start a retail computer shop, in which i can sell assembled or branded PCs and other components like mouse, KB, HDDs, RAMs... etc. ?
2. How do I provide warranty to my customers with my products? I mean, suppose I sell a 1tb HDD and i want the warranty to start from the bill date, how do i do it?
3. How can I directly partner with brands like seagate, WD, HCL, HP, Dell, Ibm.. etc to sell their PCs and components in my shop?
4. How much investment will be required to do the above process?

Thanks in advance!!


I think you should start with accesories first later add core components too.
About warrenty tgat i also dont know :p i would like to know that...
someone please reply
Contact the Indian offices of companies like Intel, WD, seagate, zebronics etc and ask them about the procedure. they will provide you information of the state/district distribute. then contact the distribute and he'll provide details of available products, minimum ordering and all that. Also, initially, keep the prices a bit lower than whats already available in your city and provide 2-3 years software warranty from your side;, like providing all sorts of softwares. And the biggest thing: DO NOT SELL PIRATED SOFTWARE; you will get into trouble with that.
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